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Scenes beyond the Grave





There are no means to convey to man through

his external senses, any just idea of the scenes I

witnessed, while my body was reposing in its unconscious

slumbers. Life within the veil, can be

appreciated only by those who experience its moving


No medium of communication is sufficiently clear,

to give the perfect outlines of that which is invisible

and incomprehensible to mortals. Words employed

by men, are too cumbrous and unmeaning to bear

the pure thought in its native form, from the world

within to that without; for human utterance mars

the beauty and perfection of heavenly speech, and

corrupts the purity of thoughts thus conveyed.

Too gross are the vehicles of human sense to conduct

to the dormant soul truthful impressions of

the most exterior manifestation of life in the world

of peace. You urge me to a history, and yet I am

so sensible of my utter inability that thoughts

associated with the attempt give me pain.



Long had 1 discovered the vanity of earthly

tilings, the imperfections of human associations, the

unreliability of vast portions of religious faiths and

impressions, and the want of permanent peace in the

disquieted soul of man. Most earnestly I desired to

know more of the reality of that state called by mortals

immortality, for I had early learned that the

outer world perished. At length, meditating from

day to day, and while laboring to determine the nature

and tendency of the human soul, I became less conscious

of external things, and my inner mind grew

stronger and more active, until the dim shadows of the

objects and interests of tliis busy life of mortals ceased

with the expiring view, and my vision closed to the

outer world. Then objects new and strange appeared.

Still I knew not that I was rething from the

world of sorrow and of human strife ; nor did I understand

that my spiritual vision was opening, and

what I saw dimly moving before me was a reality,

the dawning of an immortal life. Still I seemed to

be departing from some former condition and launching

out into a boundless sea, and to be traversing

unexplored regions, veiled in uncertain vision, and

floating in mid air over an immeasm*able deep below.

Alone and unguided, and possessed of a vague

uncertainty, my timid spirit fain would have returned

to the land of shadows whence it came.

Half-conscious of my present condition, with

dreamy thoughts, I seemed to ask, is there no one

familiar with the jom-ney I pursue, to guide me in

my movements through this trackless space ? When


lo ! in the distance, and above me, I saw a light descending,

having the appearance of a brilliant star,

thither were directed the concentrated powers of

my perceptive being, until nothing was visible

but the approaching light. As it advanced, its foreshadowing

halo iUumined the expanse about me,

and my exhausted being received new life from the

invigorating glory that beamed upon it. Gently

I began to move, and ascending, drew nearer the

source of that light which gladdened and quickened

my spirit. As I approached it, I began to discover

the outlines of what appeared to me a glorified

human being; gi'adually the figure became more distinct,

until, poised in the atmosphere before and

above me, was an angel, whose excellence far exceeded

the highest conception of the fairest image

of my human thought. That form, more lovely

than language hath power to portray, moved silently

as it drew near me. Upon her head was a crown,

formed like gems of clustering rays. The light

of her countenance reflected like a flowing garment

the encircling manifestation of celestial love.

In her left hand was a cross, emblem of meekness,

innocence and redeeming grace ; in her right hand

a wand of pure intellectual light. With this she

touched my lips, and like a flame of holy love,

it quickened an immortal principle which diffused

its enlivening spirit throughout my being.

A new class of sensations awoke within me,

and moving harmoniously, prompted a desire for


companionsLdp with the angelic being from whoso

hand came forth the stream of quickening light. 1

looked upon her, wishing to learn her name, when

lo ! she spoke. The harmony of her utterance filled

me with imknown delight. She said: "Marietta,

thou desirest to know me. In my errand to thee 1

am called the Angel of Peace. I come to grade thee

where those exist who are from earth, whence thou

art. Wouldst thou profit by the lesson, follow

me. But first behold thy form in yonder world."

TTiere, far below me, and through a dark and

misty way, I beheld this sickly body of mortality.

Around it were gathered my anxious friends, employing

every means to awaken it, but all in vain.

" Behold," said my glorious guide, " a picture

of human life. There, kindred, tort.ured with sympathetic

love, struggle to hold the crumbling vase,

and keep the flickering light from expiring. Ttere,

from youth to hoary age, rolls the tide of human

woe. Fond hearts are severed. Death veils fi*om

mortal sight the tender, lovely form. The opening

flower that gladdens all around, folds its expanding

leaves, withered with the touch of death. There,

hopes, like dreamy phantoms, float in the mid-air

of fancied bliss. As thy vision expandeth, witness

thou the moving hosts. Earth, with her swarming

millions, presents a mingled scene of rising hopes

ambition, strife and death. Her inhabitants are

dismayed by the approach and fear of Death, the

fell destroyer. Time quickly measureth the fleeting

But first behold thy form in yondei vorld."—Page 15.

/ 5;if4r,:



moments of hmnan existence, and generations follow

generations in quick succession."

To this address I replied, " These thoughts are

the burden of my young and inexperienced

mind. These forms thou hast shown me, are

before my vision. Like dew drops they pass

away. This is the cause of my sorrow. Canst

thou tell me in what portion of the universe these

beings find a resting place when their spirits depart?

Canst thou remove the veil that conceals

them from mortal vision? Canst thou guide me

where they are ? O ! tell me, have they a home, or

a place, and may I follow where my loved ones have

been borne?"



" WouLDST thou know the condition of the departe<

3 members of thy race, and be made familiar

with the effects of the habits and associations of perverted

man ? Measureably thou mayest ; but know

thou that their conditions are varied." Then bidding

me look upward she said, " What ^beholdest

thou?" Obedient, I looked above me, and with

wonder beheld an orb brighter by far than the sun

of earth in its meridian glory. Light, pure, beaming

along the celestial skies, radiated therefrom.


"There," said my guide, "are many thou wouldst

eee, who, clothed in raiment soft and white, move

in harmony. There, night-shades never fall, and

death and gloom have no element. Those who enjoy

that blest abode do not suffer ; no sin or pain disturbs

their calm repose. But more of this thou shalt

hereafter learn. Other scenes less joyous must fii'st

be given thee. Marietta, thou knowest well, that

with man are varied characters. The departure

of the spirit from its unsettled and shattered habi-



tation below, worketh no change in its natnre."

Then touching my forehead, again she said, "Wliat

seest thou?" My vision being opened to a new

scene, I beheld before me forms without number,

struggling in the agonies of death. Some in kingly

palaces on dying couches richly hung with drapery

of costly price. Some in humble cottages ; others

in gloomy prisons; haunts of vice and iniquity;

lone forests ; barren deserts, and in deep and

wild waters. Some lying beneath the scorching

sun ; some perishing upon bleak and snowy mountains

; some surrounded with weeping and attentive

friends ; others dying alone and forgotten. Some

perishing for their religion ; others tortm-ed by

the cruel savage. Some aged, despised, helpless

and forsaken; others, orphans, cast out and destitute.

Some expiring from wounds inflicted by

the assassin ; others crushed beneath the heavy

tread of the war-horse in the battle-field.

Thus where time and eternity meet, was revealed

a scene of indescribable miseiy. " This," said my

guide "is but a faint view of the effects of violated


Touched again by the light beaming from her

right hand, I beheld the immortality of those who

were quitting their house of clay, entering upon

the regions of eternity and commencing new and

untried realities. Around each dying form were

gathered spirits, varied in appearance and in


Over battle-fields were congregated spirits of the


dead, and according to the moral nature of the dying,

was that of attending spirits who awaited their

an-ival in the spirit world. In like manner, aU

classes and conditions are efiected, since this intermediate

state or vestibule of the spirit world, is visited

by beings varying in character from the unholy and

wretched, to the bright and sanctified angels who

in multitudes congi*egate at the portals of death,

as messengers of God. And all classes as they

emerge from the physical foi-m are attracted to and

mingle with kindi-ed associations, beings to whose

character they assimilate. Those of discordant and

unhallowed natm-es are attracted by like elements,

and enter into regions overhung with clouds of

night; while .those, who for the love of good,

desire pm-e associations, are by heavenly messengers

conducted to the orb of glories appearing above

the intermediate scene.

The strange sensations of human spirits as they

mingled with the disembodied multitudes, beholding

what was transpu-ing around them, excited my

wonder, and while watching their movements, I

began to ask myself, if what I saw was a reality

or mere imagery reflected upon my mind in a

dreamy state? Upon discovering my thoughts, my

guide took me by the hand saying, " These beings

moving about thee, once the inhabitants of earth

whence thou art, having left their mortal dwellings,

are commencing a new state of existence.

Their surprise is the effect of their sudden change

from external objects and sense to spiritual* and


^eir more immediate knowledge of cause and

^ect. But more of this state and their condition

shall be revealed, when that instruction will better

befit thy mind. These scenes we will leave and

ascend to yon bright orb." Thus saying she led

me toward the cloud of light.

While passing the intermediate she touched me

again, and I became conscious of additional and

expanded vision.

"Behold," said she, "the countless, planetary

hosts. Mark the rolling orbs, suns, and systems

of s^ms, moving in silence and harmony. The vast

expanse is occupied and peopled with universes,

constructed in infinite wisdom. These are inhabited

by holy beings, happy and immortal,

though varied in degree of developement and refined


Again the organs of perception were touched, and

lo ! above and around me. and far in the distance,

were passing and repassing with the quickness

of thought, spirits of pure light.

"These," said my guide, "are ministering angels

; their supreme delight is to go upon errands

of mercy. Their home is with the ever blest.

They are employed as guardian protectors and

messengers of holy thought to those in conditions

below them."

While beholding them ascend and descend, one

drew near me, in whose arms, and borne upon

whose angelic bosom, was an infant spirit. The

angel passed, and I saw that the nourished nestling


rested in calm securitv, apparently conscious of its

safety in the hands of its protector. Whence came

this? I inquired; and the angel answered, "I received

it from a heart-broken mother at the gateway

of death, as the spark of life expired in the external

world, and am conveying it to the sphere of infancy

in the paradise of peace."

As the infant's guardian spirit proceeded, we

moved silently in the same du-ection, until the

scenes below perished from my vision, and my

being was absorbed in the bright light descending

from the orb we were approaching. Soon

we entered a plain, whereon were visible trees,

bearing fi-uit. Their interwoven branches formed

an arched canopy of evergreen above us. Passing

through these shadowy gi'oves, I was delighted

with the melody of the birds, whose warbling notes

arose in sweetest song. There we paused. Supposing

that I was on some terrestrial orb I inquired

its name.

My guide answered, " These trees, these flowers,

these birds occupy the outer expanse of the spiritual

paradise. So pure are they, and so refined, that

mortals with beclouded vision may not behold

them. And so soft their notes that they are not

made audible to the dull hearing of men.

Beings inhabiting forms more gross, do not conceive

the reality of the existence of nature so refined.

Absent from thy body, thou canst comprehend

through spiritual senses the existence and reality

of spiritual habitations; but what thou dost now


behold is but the outline and more exterior of the

home of spirits. These floral plains, and warblmg

melodies, are but the lower order of the external

habitation of the sanctified.

"Dost thou discover that these groves appear

as if moved with adoration ? and that these melodies

which charm and invigorate thee with new

life, are but notes ofiered to higher degrees of


"Here the redeemed are first conducted by their

guardian protectors, as they leave the valley and

shaflow of death, and here they are taught the

rudiments of immortal life. Here they receive instructive

lessons relative to their heavenly abode,

and learn the nature of pm-e love, unmarred by sin.

Here are fii-st tuned the lyres of ceaseless praise,

as they learn to utter immortal accents to the Lord,

their Kedeemer, and receive new-born thoughts

which bring to them increasing sense of the reality

of their change. Here friends who have advanced

in spiritual attainments return from higher

employment to welcome the spirit on its entrance

upon this plane of the spirit world. Here kindred

are permitted to meet and hold converse; and 'tis

in these immortal groves where spirits first attempt

in unity the song of redeeming grace, and

reposing in soft and heavenly sweetness, breathe

the pure au- of paradise."

While listening to this strange, though welcome

addi-ess, my spirit burned to meet the friends

long lost to me on earth. The angel said, " Thou


art not to tarry, since thy present mission is to learn

the condition of the departed child of God. When

thy com-se on earth is ended, here thou shalt mingle

in the infancy of thy immortal state, with thy kindred

and receive lessons, ^preparatory to an advance

to more exalted mansions, the more glorified home

of the blessed."

Then she reached ont her hand, and plncked a

rose that hung over us, and bidding me receive its

fragi-ancG, with it touched my lips. Again a more

interior sight was given, and I beheld around me,

and moving in every direction, tlii'ough the varied

floral scenes, happy beings without number. Desiring

to mingle with them, I sought permission


but my guide moved on, and upward thi'ough forests

becoming more pm-e and fair as we ascended.



At a distance, -upon a superior plain I saw a

dome of light. '' That," said my guide, " is the

gateway leading to the City of Peace. There the

manifestation of thy Redeemer is made visible.

There' saints and angels abide; on harps of gold, and

stringed instmments, with immortal lyres, in alleluias,

chant the Song of Redemption ; the song

of peace; the song of love undying."

"May I enter there?" I inquired.

Again she touched my lips, and they moved,

uttering praise in unaccustomed accents which

melted into the harmony of celestial love.

As we drew near, a class of attendants, more

glorious, gathered around the gateway, and one

foremost addressed my guide in language I could

not understand. Music, the music of love, was in

their conversation, and joy as a halo, encompassed

them as they welcomed us at the entrance of the

Holy Sanctuaiy.

A gate of jasper, set with diamonds, opened,

and two angelic beings approached, and taking



me by each liand, led my tremulous spirit towards

an inner gate, a more immediate entrance to the

pavillion of light.

Then I remembered my discordant state; then

thoughts of my former sins, my doubts, and rebellious

natm-e, rushed upon my mind, and feeling

entirely unprepared to endure the glory of the assemblage,

my spirit failed me. The angelic attendants

then bore me in their arms along the portal to the

feet of a being most glorious. Upon his head was

a crown of pure light, and over his shoulders hung

golden locks ! His loveliness, can never be expressed.

"This, Marietta," said an attending angel, "is

thy Kedeemer. For thee in incarnation he suffered.

For thee without the gate treading the winepress

alone, he expired." Awed by his goodness, tenderness

and love, I bowed, feeling that if worthy I

would worship him.

Beaching forth his hand he raised me up, and

in a voice that filled my soul with inexpressible

delight, said, "Welcome, my child. Daughter,

spirit of a race forlorn, enter thou for a season the

portals of tlie redeemed." Then addressing the surrounding

beings, continued, " Receive this your companion

spmt." And lo! the worshiping congregation

arose as upon the breath of holy love, and,

meekly welcomed me as an heir of grace, and with

tuned instruments the immortal choir chanted the

spirit's welcome


"Worthy is the Lamb who hath redeemed us.


Exalt His name, all ye sanctified, yea adore Eim,

ye chembim who worship in the celestial heavens.

Adore Him, for He hath exalted us. "We will praise

His name, the name of our God Most High.

"We will bow down and worship at His feet. We

will sing of His loving kindness. Waft, O ye breezes

of immortal love! waft ye His name thi-oughout

the universe of worshiping beings. For lo ! from

the depths of iniquity, and fi'om death is exalted

our sister, who from the hands of our Prince and

Savior, we receive. Utter alleluias to 'Eim forever,

all ye adoring hosts. Uttca' ye His praise forever."

The music of this soft and rnelodious utterance,

moved like the voice of many waters, filling the

entire dome, and as the anthem closed, the echo

departed in the distance, as though borne fi-om

wave to wave, along the holy atmosphere.

The spirit of praise so inspired each choralist

with the fidlness of divine melody, that moved by it,

they softly touched the silver chords of their golden

harps, causing each note to reverberate as if gliding

along the sensitive nerves of spiiit hearts, components

of one immortal lyre.

Each measm*e like noiseless waves swelled over

that sea of mind ; and with their gentle undulations

I seemed to be moving when a spirit from the innumerable

company approached and addressing me

in a familiar manner called me by name.

The spell of music being broken, I was much

affected to find myself in the embrace of one who

on earth I had loved with the affection of an infant


soul. With willingness I sank into her arms, and

she with a sister's tenderness pressed me to her

immortiU fonn, saying, " Sister spirit, welcome, for

a season to our home of peace."

'* Thrice welcome," uttered the music of a thousand

voices, and lo! around me gathered those I

loved, all eager to greet me, and receive me to

their kind embrace.

Around us, and in this spacious room, appeared

seats in form of an amphitheatre, yet glorious beyond

description. Hereon we rested. Mingling

with them, were many old and familiar friends.

Although I knew them, their appearance was

unlike that while upon earth, each being an imbodiment

of intellect unassociated with the physical

form, in which 1 had known them before. Not having

power, or any means adapted to convey a just

idea, I can only give feeble utterance to my conceptions

of their nature by saying, they appeared all

mind, all light, all glory, all adoration, all love

supremely pure, all peace and calm serenity, all

united in sublime employ, all expression of heavenly

unfolding joy.

Freely did they converse, nor did they use the

language of human beings. They spoke and no

audible utterance attended, yet thought moved with

thought, and spirit was familiar with the mind

of spirit. Ideas associated with their heavenly life,

flowed from being to being, and soon I learned tliat

in heaven there is no concealment. Harmony

of soul, harmony of desire, hai*mony of speech,


harmony in the swelling notes of adoring anthems,

harmony in instructive movement, harmony in increasing

thought, harmony was their life, their love,

their manifestation, and supreme delight.

Again with harps tuned in unison of harmonic

praise, and in the ascending octave, they chanted

a hymn to their Maker's name. My guide urged

me to unite in the animating song of redemption.

I could not join them, being absorbed in the contemplation

and glory of this long-sought home of rest.

When they closed that sacred hymn, my guide,

touching my lips again with the wand of light,

bade me mingle, a companion, with the members

of this divine abode.

Being after being pressed to mine, immortal lips,

and seemed anxious to fold me in their arms.

As a soul, new-born, they caressed me, after looking

up in thankfulness to their Kedeemer and

their Lord.

"And is this Heaven?" my spirit said. "Are

these happy souls those who once stmggled in forms

of clay ? Are these immortal visages, radiant with

the gloiy of this adoring mansion, the spiritual

countenances of those I have before seen in careworn

life? And where has fled that age and decrepitude,

ye parent spirits ?"

Often have I listened to you, my earthly teacher,

while laboring to convey to the understandings

of your audience, some faint idea of your conceptions

of immortal life. Often have I discovered

manifest grief when in spirit you appeared to realize


that upon most minds all was but an ineffectual

effort. And then I have asked, can heaven be thus

glorious? is not the picture too highly wrought? and

may man, if he attain to that blest abode, bask in

the sunbeams of such supreme delight ? And be

assured, the highest thoughts of man fail to approach

the reality and the delights of that heavenly



Then approaclied me one whom on earth I had

seen bending tremulously over the pilgrim's staff. I

knew 'twas one familiar, one of age and emaciated

form, whose hoary head once told the story of a life

of woe. In immortal youth the spirit stood before

me; no staff was there; no trembling frame, no

grief-worn cheek, no hollow eye, no sickly form ;

but light and health and vigor were manifest. And

the spirit said, " Behold in me the efficacy of redeeming

grace. This heart was once the cage

of thoughts unholy. These hands were employed

in sin. These feet moved swiftly in the downward

road that led to sorrow and to death. This form

of mine, though not this form, yet that in which

I used to live, was worn with grief, corrupt and

dying with disease. But now, all hail that name,

Immanuel ! through Him, redeemed, I wear habiliments

of light and exist in immortal youth. This

song I chant, O death, where is thy sting? and

grave, thy victory now ? Worthy is the Lamb who



offered Eimself to redeem I Worthy—O give Him

adoration, ye comitless hosts, ye innumerable

throng ! Worship and adore Him, all intelligences 1

yea let imivcrses adore? Adore Him, for He is

worthy to receive anthems of imiversal praise !"


And while uttering this psalm, the peopled expanse

uniting, lifted on high an immeasurable

volume of notes divine.

Then appeared a company of children, who hand

in hand, moved around and theii' infant voices

chanted :

'* Praise Him, for lo ! while on earth He

6aid, ' Suffer infants and babes to come to me and

forbid them not; yea, suffer little children, and

Corbid them not, to come unto me.'"



"When this new song was ended, light supremely

above that before witnessed, descended.

I looked, and lo ! the dome above me parted,

and beings far more glorious approached. Awed

by the presence of the light, and desiring to flee

before it, I approached my guide, who said, " What

thou hast seen Marietta, is but the earnest of joys to

come. Here thou hast been welcomed, and here

witnessed this manifestation of thy Redeemer, and

the harmony of this entrance to the divine abode.

But, behold! above thee the descending glory of

the Cross appears. Spirits, members of thy race,

redeemed, who are advanced to higher life, attend.

Mark the forshadowing of the glory of the Seventh

Sphere. These angels wait on thee."

Then visible above me appeared a Cross, borne

in the midst of twelve, on whose circle I read,

"Patriarchs, Prophets and Apostles." Above it

was written, " Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.**

Bowing at the feet was a spirit, whose raiment

3 33


was white, and expression that of holy adoration.

She kissed the Cross, and then descending, approached

me, and in music of speech, superior to

that of the anthems to which I had listened with

wonder and delight, she said, "Welcome spirit

fi-om the world of woe. Lo ! by the will of Jesus,

even that Jesus crucified, my Lord and Redeemer,

I come to commune with thee. 'Tis but by his

permission thou art admitted here ; and be not sad,

though thou shouldst be required to retiu'n to thy

friends on earth."

The thought of being subjected again to the sins

and misfortunes of my former life, so aflected me

that it seemed as if I was quitting the divine abode,

and rapidly descending to earth ; when lo ! I was

embraced by my guide, who said, "When thou

returnest, thou shalt go to bear a message of

holy love, to earth; and at an appointed time,

free from the power of mortal attachments, thou

shalt enter here, a member of the holy band."

The spirit who descended from the Cross then said,

" What thou seest, and the message I give thee,

thou shalt unfold to my son in mortality, struggling

in the vales of night. Eelate to him the story

of descending light. In dove-like form, bear from

eternity the olive-branch of Ti-uth. Press it to

his heart, and it shall bud and blossom, and

after much conflict, bear the ripened fruit.

"Marietta, thou hast been conducted here for

a wise end, and for that purpose I am permitted

to insti'uct thee in many things, pertaininjy to earth


and heaven. The thought of returning makes thee

sad ; yet thou shalt go laden with riches, the riches

of instructive truth, which as germs shall prepare

the way for gTeater light.

"First learn that all Heaven ee\t:kes the Ckoss.

Before it myriads bow, and around it the redeemed,

delight to linger. Earth's religions are but dreamy

scenes, compared to these.- Yague and imperfect

are the highest conceptions of the human soul,

relative to our condition here. 'Tis but just above

the plains of earth, where in perfect order begins

the Spiritual Heaven. Around it move the guardian

spirits. Mingling, as permitted, with the

inhabitants of earth are countless guardian angels


no day, nor hour, nor moment passeth, but each

mortal is watched by the spirit appointed to his


"Man knoweth not the natm-e of sin, nor the

fullness of Grace in 'his Redemption. He will

not believe, even though from eternity angels

gather round him, to tell the stoiy of immortality.

Numberless are the causes, to prevent the light

of heaven from reaching and controlling the race

of man, wi'etched and deathward tending. But the

time draweth near, when man shall become more

conscious of the reality of this abode; when his

attention shall be turned more fully to the truth

of Inner Life. Man's redemption di-aweth nigh.

Let angels swell the chorus ; for soon the Savior

descendeth, with holy attending angels.'-

She then led the heavenly diapason of an im36


mortal l^'inu, too full and too harmonious in

movement to be transmitted by human language.

At its close she said, " Sister spirit, rest thou in

the embrace of holy affection. Observe what passeth

around thee; for lo! shall be mirrored upon

thy mind a faint, descending and remote expression

of tlie joy that fills this land of peace. Tliou

didst notice when I descended, I kissed the Cross.

All saints delight themselves in thus expressing

theij remembrance and regard for their Eedeemer

who oflered himself a sacrifice."

A pause in the addi^ess ensued, dm-ing which,

voices, apparantly in the distance, arose in soft

and melodious alleluias. The accents moved like

li\dng beings, seeking to wake the song of redemption

in nvery spirit throughout the vast assemblage.

" Who are these?" I inquired. " These are they,"

she said, "who having come out of great tribulation,

cease not day nor night to raise their anthems high,

in exaltation of their Savior's name. The heaven

of heavens is animate with this celestial love.

From saints, who in earth's cottage humbly adore

and sing of redeeming grace, tln-ough pathways

of ascending life, is borne on high the soul inspiring

melody of heavenly adoration. Above thee

tliou dost discover, moving in primeval light, beings

of higher attainment.

"Wouldst thou dwell for ever in this world of

peace, joy and love divine? Wouldst thou bear

some humble part with tlie psalms of these im


mortal chonilists? Be thou admonislied of thy

former incredulity, thy want of faith and consecration

; for there are no other means than those in

Christ, the Redeemer, by which to attain inheritance

in this blest abode."

This last addi'ess revived within me remembrance

of my former doubts, my want of confidence in the

Savior, and of consecration to his cause. My spirit

drooped. I saw the justice of the mild reproof, and

inquired, "May I yet hope? Or is the opportunity

to secure this heaven of life forever gone? Fain

would I give myself, my all. Fain would I return

no more to earth. O, that I could forever dwell

where peace like a river gently iloweth, and love

mipolluted, rnoveth from heart to heart!''

"Be faithful then," said the spirit, "totlie light

given, and at last thou shalt enjoy the bliss of

heaven. "Marietta, the scene now passing before

thee, is one fraught with interest. In this assembly

are the Prophets and martyred Saints. See, theii*

raiment is white, pure and transparent. Upon their

breast is the manifestation of the Cross. In their

left hand is a golden censer, and in their right a

emaU volume."

The scene expanded and I saw that from the

centre, and around which the multitudes were con

gregated, arose a pyramid whose column was composed

of pearls and most precious stones, set with

crosses of spiritualized diamond, up n which were

engraven the names of those who had suffered

f-^r their love of Truth, and who not counting


their lives dear, had endured persecution even

unto death. Upon this colmiin stood three spirits,

in the attitude of meekness and adoration, holding

in their hand, and above them a Cross from

which floated a banner ever unfiuiing,—"These,"

said my guide, "are select, one Patriarch, one

Prophet, and one Apostle. They represent the

tiiune circle of commissioned saints who shall attend

the reappearing of the Son of Man, and shall

go forth in the day appointed, gathering together

the elect from the four winds, fi'om the uttermost

part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven."

" Tlie volumes the spirits hold in their hands unfold

the order of creation, the redemption of man,

and the principles which govern the obedient, world

without end."


THE child's narration.

As the former scene closed u])oii my view, the

spirit who kissed the Cross, raised her hand, radiant

with the light of life, and two childi-en drew near.

As thej approached, they bowed gracefully, and

each placing a hand in hers, with meekness

looked into her lovely face and smiled.

Addi'essing me she said, "These children leffe

the fonn while in their infancy, and being innocent,

were conducted to the paradise of innocence in the

Seventh Sphere; which is a state of moral purity

and intellectual harmony."

The eldest of the two, thus introduced, said,

"Marietta, I rejoice to commune with thee, since

thou shalt return to those who loved us and who

mourned our departure from the valley of death.

"When thou art again conversing with mortals,

say to him who now sits by thy body, that we

have learned that though parents may grieve for

ns, ours is a cup overflowing with gladness to the

spirit made free.

" Marietta, this is the world we know. Here we

first awoke to the reality of our existence. Earth ^



we visit, conducted by our guardian angols, but it

is unlike lieaven. There we witness soitow, pain

and death; here, harmony, happiness and life


He then looked down as if in deep meditation

and all was silent. I thought the subject which

had engaged his mind, had made him sad, but soon

saw that liis attitude was occasioned by the approach

of an angel who in ascending had passed

just above us. O, how my being was affected at

the sight ! Light smTOunded her as a well wi'ought

garment. Her very movement was the harmony

of harmonies. I desired to follow, and said, "O

tell me, who is this so glorious ? I feel her sacred

influence, and ardently desire to enjoy the society

and the abode of such beings."

"This," said the spirit, "is an angel who belongs

to the Infant Paradise. Have you not read

in the Gospel, that blessed expression of the Eedeemer,

*' In heaven their angels always behold the

face of their Heavenly Father? This angel has the

guardian protection of infants, and is commissioned

to meet infant spirits as they leave the external

world and enter into the spiritual. She pauses in

her ascension for thee. She holds out her arms,

and what sei'st thou. Marietta?" "A small pale

light," I answered.

The angel then breathed upon it, as if imparting

life, and pressed it to her bosom in fondness infinitely

above that manifested by earthly mothers.

I knew tlic little spirit was at rest. Feeling the

'She pauses in her ascension for thee. She holds out her

arms, and what seest thou, Marietta?"


heaven that encompassed and pervaded the angel,

again I wished to fly away, and with the infant

be forever blessed. But while I was stmggling

to ascend, the angel arose—one flash of light and

she disappeared.

Then a far difierent scene was revealed—^l^elow

me in a little room, I saw a female kneeling by the

lifeless body of her departed child. She convulsed,

and at times tears streamed from her eyes, and

then her face was as marble, her eyes set and

glassy, and her whole form quivered while she

pressed kiss after kiss upon the cold cheek of her

lost babe. At this juncture a man di-essed in black

gravely entered. The group gave way and he

silently approached the weeping mother, and taking

her I'.y the hand said, " Sister arise. The Lord gave

and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name

of the Lord. Jesus said, sufier little children to

come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is

the kingdom of heaven. For I say unto you, their

angels always behold the face of their Heavenly


Next I saw that mother, sitting beside a coffin,

in an earthly assemblage. Her eye was fijxed

upon the ceiling. Her countenance wore an expression

of despair. Before the coffin stood the

grave looking man, whom I had seen enter the room

of death. He read a Psalm, ofiered prayer for the

afflicted, and then encouraged the mourners, by

endeavoring to prove from the sacred text, that

the babe, though dead shall live again, and that


an angel had conveyed it to Abraham's bosom.

The assembly disappeared, and the child ad

dressed me saying, "The lifeless form just seen in

the vision, was the representation of m}^ own body,

the weepmg mother was my own mother; the

scene was that which transpired when I left that

body ; the grave looking man was the minister of a

congregation in the outer world.

"The angel who while passing us paused, was

the bright spirit who conveyed me far above the

influence of evil magnetism, to a place prepared

for the young and delicate infant, where spirits

appointed, are ever occupied in nom'ishing infant

minds. Dost thou wish to visit that nm-sery?"

Thus saying he looked up to the spirit, as if to

ask permission to conduct me there.



In a moment we were ascending in the dii'ection

of the angel who had borne along the infant, and

w^ho had disappeared in the light. Soon we drew

near that which at first appeared like a city built

in the midst of a floral plain. There appeared

stately edifices and streets lined with trees whose

foliage cast a lovely shade; on whose branches

birds of all colors appeared ; and although all were

singing with different notes, all mingled in one full

and perfect harmony. Many corresponded to those

on earth, and yet were as superior to them as the

Paradise itself was superior to the mortal world.

As we advanced, the beauty and harmony increased,

and new scenes appeared. The architecture

of the edifices, the sculptures in the open air, the

fountains that sparkled in the light, the trees that

waved their extended branches, the flowers and

flowering vines becoming more majestic, interwoven

and beautiful. There were also many avenues, each

of which, slightly ascending, led to a common

centre toward which we pursued our way.



As we advanced, I perceived before me a vast

and complicated structm-e, whose outer walls and

towers appeared formed of marble, that was in appearance

delicate as snow. This served as the foundation

of a vast canopy, like a dome, though far

too extended to be expressed by the earthly architectural

meaning of that tenn. We di-ew near this

building, and I perceived that the dome was susj)

ended over the vast circular space. "This," said

my guide, "is the place where all infants from thy

globe are gathered for the instniction and support

of their infant natures. Thou didst discover, as

we moved along the avenues, on either side edifices.

Each of these corresponds to what mortals call a

nm-sery for the young. There infants are first

conducted, and there nounshed beneath the smile

of theii' guardian angels. Each, though somewhat

varying, is a miniature of this vast temple of instnictive

manifestation, and each is a home for

the infant spmts who enter there, until they attain

to higher degrees, and enter the Paradise of more

advanced youthful existence, for degrees of instruction

adapted to a more intellectual condition. Over

each of these are appointed seven maternal guardians.

Thou seest. Marietta, that no two edifices

are perfectly alike in interior beauty, external

form or decoration, but that all harmoniously

combine; and also, that each guardian angel is

different in the radiative light and individuality

of the face and form. This thou art permitted to



"Whenever an infant dies on earth, the angel

guardian who bears up the spiiit to the Land of

Peace, perceives its interior type of mind, and

according to its type it is classed with others of like

order of intelligence ; and as the skillful gardener

on earth in one floral division trains the various

species of the lily, and in another compartment

roses, and in another the camellias or the honeysuckles;

so here angelic wisdom classifies the

infant spirits, and according to their variety of

artistic, scientific, and social tendencies, assigneth

each a home best adapted to the unfolding of its

interior germs of life, into intellectual, artistic or

industrial harmony.

" Over each edifice preside seven guardian angels,

who collectively form one octave of instruction,

each angel being of that type of mind which agrees

with his associates, as one note harmonizes with

the associate tones and semi-tones of the harmonic


"Each of these seven guardians is the superior

of a subordinate octave of more youthful spirits,

who perform duties assigned to them, according to

their type of being, in the harmonic system of paradisical

instruction ; and each of these presides over

a separate class of infant beings.

"Seven of these edifices compose one greater

family, and each separate palace of instruction,

which is embosomed in its own separate gardens

and enclosures, is one of seven of associate variety,

and of like degree; and seven of these in their turn


form the subordinate divisions of one more composite

and magnificent palatial temple, whose

centre pavilion is adapted to instruction in more

exalted degrees of paradisical truth.

"The centi-e palace of each ward is thus a magnificent

temple of instruction, encircled in artistic

splendors and floral harmonies, corresponding to

its degree, and this is surrounded by seven lesser

pavillions of architectural beauty, encircled by corresponding

adornments adapted to their subordinate

but exalted conditions; and each of these

last is also the centre of a lesser octave of edifices,

also adorned with stately forms of blooming and

sculptm-ed perfection. In these last the infants

dwell, and are led forth each day, or each successive

period corresponding thereto, to the superior palaces,

and to the centre pavilion, for the education

of their unfolding natm-es.

"As soon as these infants arise to a degree

suitable for the general assembly in the gi-eat and

centre dome, or temple of instruction, they are led

first from their several homes to their separate

centre school, and then all emerge from the difl:erent

wards and move beneath a cloud of angel choralists,

who chant loud alleluias to their Prince a^d Savior,

and with whose harmony the infants mo"^« toward

the outer temple."



As the spirit closed, I saw on our right a portion

of one of the lesser temples remove, as if an invisible

hand gathered it in a manner corresponding

to the removal of a suspended cm'tain, and lo ! to

my already astonished spirit, there appeared visible

the interior of one of the nm'series, supremely

light with the glory thereof, and adorned with

artistic beauty correspondent to the majestic appearance

of the paradise of infants. At first I was

greatly abashed, feeling my own unfitness to behold

any abode so pure, lovely and majestic. " There,"

I unconsciously uttered, " is heaven." My reflections

were perceived by my instructress who observed,

"Marietta, behold the manifestation of

infant life in Paradise. Let us enter, and there

thou shalt learn the true condition of those who

as babes leave the world of son-ow, and who are

immediately conveyed to this place and are henceforth

happy. Little do mortals know of the blessedness

attending their little ones who leave in the

morning of their existence. Those who believe in

Christ, become reconciled to the loss, but this is



mostly iipoi? condition of the law of submission established

in the Clu-istian's heart. I was once a

mother in the world of sorrow and loss. There I

learned to weep, and there I also learned the

priceless value of faith in God's mercy through our

Lord Jesus Christ ; there, Marietta, did I bid adieu

to the infants, who lived but to pain a mother's

heart at the parting.

"Thrice I pressed to my fond heart the loved

babes, flesh of ' my flesh, bone of my bone and life

of my life, and looking up to God, adored him for

the precious gifts. But scarcely had I with hope

illumed the futm-e, and placed my heart upon them,

ere, like young and tender buds they were nipped

by the frost of death, and 1 was left wounded and

forlorn. I hoped in J^sus, and consigned them to

him, believing they were well ; but, Marietta, had

I only known, yea could I have but seen what

thou now seest, then would my soul have had from

knowledge added to faith, greater rest, for here the

babe who has left its parents in woe, but waits

their amval, and here it is safe fi'om the contaminations

of the vices and sins of the fallen race. See,

Marietta," she continued " these germs of immortality."

I beheld and lo! the interior that was opened

before me was that of a temple gloriously adorned.

In circular tiers, one rising above another, were

niches or segments of circles, as wi'ought in gold

and overshadowed with a seraph. In each reposed

an infant spirit. Before each was an attending

^*"*'*—*—"^WILL, I .1 1.

THE!-- '


' PUBLi: '


As they arise thej float as with wings pf pure light amid the angek

Page 4^.


or guardian angel, whose employment consists in

fitting for higher life the genn formation of the

spirit for its eternal existence in holy usefulness.

The angel breathes upon it and every breath causes

its capacity and life to expand, for the breath is

that of holy love and inspiration, as her life is

in God whose Quickening Spirit pervades all angels

in the heavens.

As we entered, I saw that those infants, as they

awoke to still greater consciousness, and as they

beheld theii' angel bending over them, wore an

expressive smile, and were happy.

Could I portray to you this one nursery, and so

fix it in your mind that you could realize its glorious

magnificence, then would I be more content, hut 1

cannot. N^o means are given me ; no mortal can

know. Could you enter there with me, you would

behold in the centre, held in an angel's hand, a

Cross, as of pm^e, transparent, and spiritualized

gold ; and on either hand maternal spirits directing

youthful maidens while employed with the newlyarrived

infant spirits committed to their charge.

From the silken, cradle-like resting place, adorned

with blossoms of every hue, overshadowed with the

seraphim, were constantly arising those who had

been laid there by those spirits who had received

them at the hands of bereaved parents. As they

arise they float as with wings of pure light amid the

moving angels who conduct them as they learn to

move and to observe the nature and employment

of the family of spirits who watch over them.


Each angel also has many forms of external imagery

by which to impress the first principles of truth

upon their minds, as best befits their organism and


Tliere are also angels appointed, who touch in

softest notes, the varied instruments upon which

is made melody. This music is ever mingling with

that of angelic voices of sweet and heavenly utterance.

The dome or temple is so constructed as to

echo, in gentle undulations, each strain, which

appears to move with the life of the place. So soft,

sweet, and meloc'ions was that music, that it served

as life to give action and strength to the spirit

nerve of those who were reposing beneath the smile

of their guardians. " This," said the spirit who had

conducted me there, " is but one of the many of

these great temples, and corresponds to all in this

degree. Here—oh ! that earthly parents could realize

it—is, as it were, the birth-place of those who are

not permitted to tarry in the outer form until understanding

awakes witliin them. From this they

ascend to places prepared. But, Marietta, thou hast

not witnessed the most delightful of all the realities

connected with this temple."



As she spoke, each of the guardian angels arose

with the infant of her charge, and poised in the

great space within tlie galaxj of choralists, and

around the angel who held the Cross. Instantly

a light, infinitely superior to that in the temple,

descended from above; and I was awed with the

august presence of a retinue of angels, in whose

midst was one like unto that glorious Being I had

been informed was lit Redeemer.

As they approached the centre, the manifestation

of the Cross disappeared before the greater light ; the

angel retinue paused, and the Being whom they

attended smilingly said, " Suffer little chikben to

come unto me, and forbid them not." The sweetness

and gentleness of the expression, and the love that

ehone ft'om his face as these words moved from his

lips, overcame me, and I sank at the feet of my

heavenly conductor, who raised me up, and drew me

to her angel breast.

I would that the world could see and hear what

then occurred. As he spoke, those guardian angels

drew near, and each presented him with their ti-ea-



sure. He moved his hand above them, and goodness

like dew-di'ops, fell therefrom, and the infants

appeared to drink as from a fomitain of living water.

They were blessed. The emanation from that Being

was the breath of life. The temple wore a new

aspect. As the scene was closing, the angels who

attended him played upon stringed instruments,

and sung of Eedemption. He moved his gracious

hand as if in approbation of what the guardian

angels had done; and they all bowed, and veiled

then- faces in the garment of glory that encompassed

them. Suddenly music, like the voice of many

waters, arose from every temple in the broad nursery

of the great city. And as the utterance moved

forth in one swelling w^ave of angelic song, that

Being, with those who had accompanied him, reascended,

and the angels of this temple resumed

their former movement.

" Tliis," said my guide, " is but the more simple

portion of the heavenly exercises connected with the

pleasing occupation of those who are appointed to

rear infant spirits, in preparation for unfolding

their being into enlarged capacity and useful employment.

The earth, if man had not there departed

from pm-ity and harmony, and thence from affinity

and companionsliip with beings of an exalted nature,

would have been a proper nm'sery for new-bom


" Sin, Marietta, removed the condition of the sinner

from that of angels ; for by it his moral nature

])ecame changed. Angels are pure. No stain is


found upon them,—no evil desires ever awaken improper

energies within them. From them emanates

life in its pm-e element. That life nom'ishes a like

element. More dependent spirits arise within their

halo of divine existence. They are, in like manner,

moving within the glory that encompasses the societies

more exalted than themselves ; and these are,

in like manner, moving in the light, and enjoying

the life-sphere of a still higher class of beings. Thus,

all pm'e spiritual beings united, exist in spheres of

higher life ; and, as one being of greater capacity,

exist in the life descending from God, the Life of all.

Superior orbs and systems, in like manner, move in

the spheres of those more exalted ; and, receiving perpetual

supplies from them, are refined and exalted,

until the terrestrial becomes the spiritual, and the

spiritual the celestial.

" The discordant are severed from the affinity of

those natures above, and their loss is that relation

which blends them with the harmonic laws and

beings of celestial order. Men do not know the

loss they sustain, while in the darkness consequent

upon their condition, and therefore they do not properly

realize the necessity and benefit of a Savior.

Whoever restores the affinity lost, is the Kedeemer.

But since one degree of harmonic life descends to

another, and one receiving from, rises to another, by

the Spirit of God, the Life of all, thou canst readily

perceive that none but He who controls life could

cause harmonic life to descend to degrees opposite to

itself. And thus is made manifest the great truth of


Kedemption by the Incarnate Spirit of God. Here

those who are matui'e are enabled to understand the

law of salvation, even Kfe in Christ, and by means

of this knowledge, are led to acceptable adoration

of Him who is their Eedeemer.

" Thon didst notice, that as He who blessed these

little ones ascended,- all the nnrseries of this great

city chanted as* one, praises to God and the Lamb.

This was spontaneous ; for those who know the consequences

of sin are the better prepared to behold in

Jesus condescension and mercy infinite, and from

their inmost being, to adore him. But when he

moves in their midst, they utter songs silently,

which, as he is withdrawing from them, assume

outward expression. These happy beings. Marietta,

could no more refrain from that full manifestation of

joy and thanksgiving, than life could cease to flow

fi'om Him who is the Author of Life. Thus it is

throughout all heaven, and more especially all

abodes of preparation for spirits of the redeemed.

Dost thou not realize that each breath of those beings

around thee is but a separate volume of praise to


" If men in the body knew the goodness of God

in redemption, they would cease from evil, and learn

righteousness and the ways of peace. Marietta,

understandest thou this ?"

I felt the reproof, knowing my former infidelity

as to salvation through Jesus, and fain would have

veiled my spirit from the scrutiny of that spirit who

thus addressed me. I knew I had doubted the imSCENES


mortality of tlie soiil, and man's restoration from

evil through the Lord Jesus Christ. And now I

beheld that he is all and in all; the source of every

pnre and holy delight, and the theme of all I had

been permitted to see in the world of spirits.

This, beloved Pastor, is the lesson which all the

redeemed study with supreme delight, and which,

when learned, inspires them with love too great for

expression. And while I seek to describe it to you,

I feel my own inability to express, in human language,

the extatic fulness of that holy passion, and

the weakness of human language to declare the sense

of that love.

As soon as the angels had resumed their former

positions, my guide informed me, that those infant

spirits I had just beheld blest by the Redeemer, had

been given into the charge of other angels, whose

delight was to gently train the mind by means

adapted to their advancing condition ; and that now

was approaching a scene in which I should witness

the reception of infants just from earth. As she

closed, I saw above and around, angels poising in

the serene atmosphere, waiting with their treasures

the moment to arrive for them to enter the temple.

Wlien the former angels had given up their charge,

and were preparing to receive another class, these

entered and occupied the centre around the Cross.

At first their movement was irregular, but not disturbed.

Then the softest and most gentle music

commenced, as if harmony had awakened from her

Bacred stillness, and moved in almost silent utter56


ance, like some spirit breath, frora the heart ol

gentleness and love. I was surprised at the quiet

movement of this sweet music, and felt somewhat

impatient with desu*e for some angel to touch the

swelling notes now bm-dened with the melody which

appeared to me suppressed. But my guide relieved

me, by du*ecting my attention to a company of

maternal spirits, who were gathering around those

angels who had just entered. These moved to the

time and serenity of the music, while engaged

with each angel in nourishing the infants held to

their breasts. The music and movement of these

maternal spirits manifested great caution ; while all

others in the temple were motionless, as far as

I could discern, except three spirits, who appeared

to poise above the centre, from whom radiated a

soft and pm-e light. " Those angels," said my

guide, "encompassed in a light above that of the

temple, are ot a higher and more exalted nature.

From them proceeds a halo of superior light. This

light is the descending life of love. Dost thou not

see how it concentrates, forming a separate spirallike

embodiment, encompassing and overshadowing

those germinal existences in the arms of the guardian

angels ? Tliat which is nourished by each angel is a

spirit whose being is just begun, and who, by reason

of nature's violated laws, has been separated prematurely

from its infant form in the external world.

This soft music thrills every fibre of the being,

while the Supreme Spirit is reorganizing and giving

it enlarged capacity—fitting each organ to its fellowSCENES


organ in the harmony of perfection, thus establishing

tone and proper energy in the system. The lifelight

descending enters the sensorium of the infant,

and thence outbreathes as breath of life and soul of

love. The Quickening Spirit gives energy and

expansion to the life principle unfolding, so that the

intellect may perceive, the judgment operate, the

understanding embrace realities, and the being

enjoy the life thereof."




Again I was tonched with a stream ot light, by

which I was enabled to discover those infants as a

complex and exceedingly delicate instrument unstiTmg.

Each separate or distinct portion had movement,

but not determination ; and appeared separately

to lie in a sort of spasm-like action, as if

prompted by an energy not altogether innate, but

applied. The movement was indefinite, but increased

in force, until each organ appeared as if a separate

being composed of numberless organs corresponding

to the infant embodiment. This continued to magnify

before my view, until it rose in appearance an

animated form, and began to procee<:l as if a living

being. This wonder of wonders overwhelmed me ;

and, ^vitli surprise, 1 impulsively inquired, " Is this

a being proper ?" No answer being given, 1 continued

to adcbess my guide, saying, " At first I saw

in the angel's arms the life-germ of an infant form.

This germ was so delicate, that I could not comprehend

how its gTiardian spirit could save the flickering

taper. Then I saw descending from above

a light which encompassed and pervaded the spirit.



Then it moved as if receiving life and energy.

Again I saw the separate tissue, apparatus, and system

of organs of tliat infant, and, lo ! all were

dissevered. And now, kind angel, I behold each

organ arise in form a living being, and the action

thereof indicates a distinct embodiment. And each

of these subdivided into their several and minutest

parts, appear clear and distinct, and, like the

former, are also deranged. Tell me, how shall these

so varied, complicated, and deranged unite in harmony

? How shall they proceed ? How shall they

be so attuned as to perform their office in the greater

stracture ?"

Again light encompassed my spirit, and its

brightness penetrated the secret chambers thereof,

in which perceptions most exquisite were awakened,

and a new being of my own appeared to arise and

look out upon the scene. Here I saw that numberless

spirit functions, existing in each of these least

organic departments, responded to the touch of some

invisible power, and, thus invigorated, every part,

fi'om their interior, manifested proceeding energy.

These being prompted, embraced each other like

animate and intellectual beings; and were, as if

moved by understanding, resolved to perfect appropriation,

so that each harmonized in perfect adaptation

; and as they embraced, they coalesced and

were lost in identity, until I could perceive them as

one ; and this moved as a being distinct, fuU and

perfect. Then each organ and function of the

infant I had seen encompassed within the light of


the three angels above arose, and, in like manner,

corresponding to the separate organs of these, embraced

each other, and so coalesced that distinction

was also lost ; and then my soul uttered unconsciously,

" Praise him for his mighty works,"—^for

my spirit looked upon an infant in all the perfection

of angelic life

; yes, an infant restored. I had perceived

it a flickering taper ; then as a complex

instrument unstrung; and then encompassed and

pervaded by the sphere of life from the angels above.

I had scanned each organ as it tremulously moved

while being operated upon by the spirit of life. I had

despaired of its restoration. I had mtnessed the

wondi'ous effect of its movement from its inmost

interior capacity. Yea, I had seen these arise quickened

from above, and, embracing each other, coalesce,

and then again arise, and, in like mannea-,

coalesce, until I now beheld that which was before

dissevered from its associate, and discordant, a welltuned

instrument, in form and being an angel spirit


and as it looked up into the face of the angels, it

smiled. That smile bespoke intelligence and harmony.

Truly I thought here is the exposition of

that text, '' Marvel not that I said unto you, ye must

be born again." And from what had passed before

me, I felt the force of that beautiftd expression of

David when he said, " We are fearftilly and wonderfully

made." And turning to my guide, I inquired,

" Is this real ? Is this a spirit redeemed ? Is thig

process absolute in the restoration of a soul born of

discordant elements ?"


" Truly," said my guide, " what thou hast seen is

real. It is the unfolding to thy understanding

the movement and power of gi-ace upon the spirit

that has been rendered discordant by sin, whch is

the violation of the law,—the law of being and the

law of God. The light descending from angels,

Marietta, could not restore, and the music could not

harmonize, nor could the maternal guardians supply

that which was lost. Theirs was to support the

external, while this dissevering process succeeded,

and the components were restored and fitted for

proper use by Him who is the Redeemer, and who

hath power to tune each fibre of the being, and

purify and inbreathe the life of holiness into the soul,

giving new life, tone, energy, inclination, and love


then to order their reunion unto perfect life in the

infant form. And now thou beholdest a spirit in

the consummation of the redemption. This spirit is

now prepared to rest in the soft and balmy bed of

repose, whence thou hast seen others arise to higher

life. Marietta, treasure this in thy soul ; but learn

while this has passed before thee, it is but one of all

this nursery of infant life which thou hast seen.

This period is, in like manner, devoted throughout,

and each temple in the expanse has been equally


" And now the scene changes, and another approaches.

Listen, Marietta. The melody of angels

moves upon the holy atmosphere of the city. They

chant praises to God and the Lamb for their redemption

; for great is the number of these spirits re62


stored to the Iiaruiony of perfect beings. And thus,

Marietta, are thanksgi\dng3 offered to our Heavenly

Parent at each closing scene, Tvhich brings the newborn

spirit into the harmony and the possession of


Oh ! how my spirit caught the heavenly flame as

it rose, volume succeeding volume, in ascending

praise, adoration, and gloiy, inexpressible and divine


As said the Revelator, " It was like the voice of

many waters."

It appeared that the whole city resolved itself into

the voice of praise. Oh ! is this heaven ? I said.

How blessed it is to be accounted worthy to entei

the city of God. And if this is only the Lifant

Paradise,—if this is the song uttered in view of the

restoration to harmony and heaven of this class of

infant spirits, though great their number, how vast

and incomprehensible must be that expression of

thanksgiving when redemption is complete, and the

Bride, the Lamb's wife, shaU toucli the golden harp

as they arise from the marriage supper, in that great

day when God shaU make up his jewels?

The bliss was so entrancing in its effects upon me,

that I felt like ascending with the divine aspirations:

but reflections upon my unfitness overcame me, and

1 fell into the holy arms of mv guide.




As I lay in the arms of my heavenly guardian, I

looked into her face, which wore an expression of

deep emotion. With earnestness her eyes were fixed

above ; and her holy lips moved as if in prayer.

At first the expression of her featm^es was so soitowful,

that I thought she would weep ; but tears would

have been a feeble manifestation of that feeling

which, I could plainly see, continued to increase.

Truly, I said, in silent thought, do angels grieve?

Can sorrow enter tliis Holy City ? Tlie music had

ceased —its echo reverberated, and moved in the

distance. Silence reigned in the vast expanse. I

Btill leaned upon the breast of my blessed protector,

anxiously observing what was passing. Light fi-om

above shone upon her brow with increasing brilliancy.

Her eyes were still fixed ; and, to employ

earthly expressions her bosom began to heave, her

lips became motionless, and her glowing countenance

had the appearance of reverential awe. Her

looks were so expressive, that I felt like shrinking

from her arms ; and was so awed, that I did not



notice the cause of her excitement, until she gently,

without turning her eyes, laid her hand of snowy

white and spotless purity upon my head, and then

removing it, raised it upward, until it pointed in the

direction indicated by her fixed attention, and to my

utter astonishment 1 there beheld the cause of her

silent reverence, and the wondrous admiration which

pervaded the inhabitants of the city. There—oh!

that all the world but knew it !—there hung upon

the Cross—and from all I could discover, bleeding

and dying—my Lord and Kedeemer ! Oh ! that

sight ! No human heart can know its efiects upon

the spirits who attend in the Infant Paradise. The

crown of thorns, the nails, the mangled form, the

flowing blood, the look of compassion, were so

plainly manifested and combined, as to convey to

the soul an idea of sufiering the most intense and


About the Cross were congregating from every

part of the city, guardian angels with their infant

spirits. All, as they gathered in a circular form,

manifested deep humility and holy reverence. As

soon as they had assumed this uniform attitude,

they held out the infant spirits whom they had

ill charge, directing their infant minds to the

Cross and the Sacrifice. At this moment an angel

descended, clothed in bright raiment, and moved

around the Cross, holding in his hand his glittering

crown. Then bowing he worshipped, and Ms worship

was silent as had been that of all who had

congregated. After this, tm-ning to the guardian


angels he said, " Adore Him, for he is the Kedeemer

of a ruined race. Yea, let all Heaven

adore Him !" Then as he lifted up his right hand,

I saw in it a little book. In imitation all the angels

in like manner raised their right hands, in each

of which was also a book of like dimensions. Then

appeared, as fi'om an invisible dome, a choir of

angelic beings. These had palms in their hands,

and they with one voice sang praises to God and

the Lamb. Tlie fii'st I could not understand, but

they concluded saying, "SujGTer childi-en to come

unto me. Of such is the kingdom. Out of the

mouths of sucklings and babes Thou hast perfected

praise. Amen, alleluia, amen!" Tlien the guardian

angels drew still nearer the Cross, presenting

the spirits in their charge, while they were addressed

in a manner entirely beyond my comprehension

; at the close of which each infant was

touched with a sti-eam of light. They smiled and

bowed their heads, while holding up in their little

clasped hands the image of the Cross, which had

been given them by their angels. Again they were

folded in the arms of their protectors ; and again

the choir chanted a loud anthem, which, being

echoed by the smTounding spirits, filled the city

with one volume of holy melody. Then the Cross

and Sacrifice disappeared, and the angels retm-ning,

whence they had come, the city was restored to

its former appearance.

During this manifestation, my guide had not

moved nor uttered a word, but appeared to enter



into the spirit tliereof, and to realize that a scene

of absorbing interest had been presented.

At length I inqmred, "Is there no heaven without

the Gross and the Sacrifice ? Each scene moves

around its manifestation. Each spirit reverences it

with holy awe, and each hymn of praise utters the

name of the Sacrifice." She replied with suppressed

accents, " Tlie Cross is ever before the vision of redeemed

spirits. In every cu'cle is seen the Cross.

Every fiower, eveiy artistic production, has the

Cross, as by an invisible hand, inwrought throughout.

And all instniction is based upon that blessed

symbol of redeeming love, and it is the duty

of the guardian angels to instruct the spirits of their

charge, in the great truth of redemption, thi-ough

Jesus, who sufiered upon the Cross, and for this

pui-pose each class of spiiits, as they pass from

their first guardian protectors, to the care of others,

are in like manner congregated. And by this

means the Cross and the Sacrifice are imaged and

enstamped within their interior sense; and hence

its nature and likeness grow into higher life and

more exalted being with them. All redeemed and

sanctified spirits are thus made to appear, l^o guile

can in any way be found in them. All angels can

behold the Cross as it shines forth from the soul

which has received its impress. From this cause

malicious spirits or beings cannot conceal fi'om

angels or the spirits of just men made perfect,

their real nature. Where the Cross does not shine,

there is no pure love; and the heart whereon


it is not visible, is not at peace with God. Marietta,

in heaven there can be no gnile. But this,

mth other manifestations, is only an introductory

view of the principles represented, which,

in due time will be more perfectly unfolded in

manifestations more specific and enlarged."




Then I heard a voice from above us saying,

" Come up hither." At this moment I beheld a

circular expanse, like the interior of a tower, whose

spiral walls formed ascending galleries, winding

upward into the superior gloiy. This lovely pathway

seemed fonned of rainbows wi'eathed in spirals

of prismatic hue, and reflecting varying but everbeautilul

tints of matchless lustre.

Borne on a cloud of essential light, that like a

chariot gently ascended the spiral, we passed from

the surface of the city, and advanced along the rising

galleries of this tower of rainbow forms and

glories. Seated by the side of my companion, the

spirit who had kissed the Cross, a sense of calm

composm*e, full of holy peace and delight far superior

to any previous condition, captivated and pervaded

my breast. The spiral galleiy, which seemed

to undulate as if moved by breathing elements of

life, became more beautiful as we advanced, and

appeared to be composed of minute gems of floating



light, reflecting and pictni'ing in tlieir tremulous

smiaces each floral beauty, which had gladdened my

eye as I passed through the city from which I had

just arisen.

Time, however, was not afforded me to distinguish

between the several qualities and define their loveliness

; for soon we emerged from the ascending galleiy

of rainbows and stood upon an aerial plain, resting

in the transparent air above that magnificent and

lofty dome which crowns the centre temple of instruction

in the paradisical abode.

From this position I beheld the great city, reaching

on every side beneath my view, and was so

situated as to perceive at a glance the general featm-

es of its plan, and to contemplate it in its entire

form as a picture of surpassing loveliness.

Beneath me the sublime Temple of Instruction,

builded of most precious materials, and in a style of

architectm'e which I am unable to describe, arose in

air from the centre of a circular lawn of gi'eat extent,

whose green surface appeared covered with the softest

and richest vei'dure. Majestic trees in groups, and

at regular intervals arose, bearing a profusion of

fragrant and shining clusters of fiowers. Beneath

their shade, and on the more open spaces, appeared

minute flower beds, filled with every variety of

flowers and blossoming shrubs and vines. Fountains

of living waters also were visible, some just rising

from the green grass, and flowing through their

marble channels, or through beds of golden sands,

with a low and pleasant mm'mur; while others


gushed forth in full volume to a lofty height, and

descended in glowing streams of eveiy variety of

form, and were received in basins, some of which

were like diamond, and others like bm*nished silver

or the wliitest pearl.

This lawn was encircled by a lofty but open trellis

work ; and at its eastern side appeared a gateway

without doors, fi'om the centre of which flowed forth

a stream of living water, supplied from the fountains

within the enclosm-e.

I now directed my attention to the suiTOunding

city, and perceived that it was divided into twelve

gi-eat divisions by this river of living waters, which

flowing in a spiral course, was bordered on either

side by a wide and regular avenue, in twelve great

cm'ves or circles, proceeding from the centre to the

circumference. I also perceived that twelve other

streets intersected this spiral avenue, centering in

the consecrated gi-ound about the Temple, and radiating

to twelve equally divided points in the outer

limit of the scene.

As my vision followed the pathway of the flowing

river and the stately avenues, my mind became

absorbed till all sense of person or time was aierged

in the entrancing sight. The city was divided into

one hundi-ed and forty-four great wards or divisions,

arranged in a series of advancing degrees of sublimity

and beauty. From the outer limit to the

centre was one gently ascending and encircling

pathway of cveii-in creasing loveliness. Each degree

was marked by new and more beautiful forms of


tree, flower, fountain, statue, palace, and temple of

adoration. Each building was of vast extent, and

corresponded with all others as the perfect part of a

most perfect whole. Thus the entire city appeared

one garden of flowers ; one grove of umbrage ; one

gallery of sculptured imagery; one undulating sea

of fountains; one unbroken extent of sumptuous

architecture all set in a surrounding landscape of

corresponding beauty, and overarched by a sky

adorned with hues of immortal light, that bathed

and encircled each and eveiy object with an evervarying

and increasing chaiin.

I now beheld the movement of the inhabitants.

But faint is the idea that can be given, of what

was moving before my sight. I can only describe

it by saying, that the entire movement was melody.

All the angelic multitudes appeared animated from

one Inspiring Love, moving in the wisdom of one

orderly plan, and having in view the unfolding

of their infant charge into a condition of being

which should perfectly correspond to all that visible

perfection. IN'o angel manifested a separate,

personal movement, disconnected from the universal

harmony, but all appeared to co-operate and to

be inspired from one Superior Som^ce. I saw that

no rivalry, emulation, or desire of selfish glory

existed in the lovely groups of infants, but that

each group, and the inhabitants of each nm^sery

or palace, were united in holy afiection to the superior,

associate and more matm-e societies ; and

that each little child was filled with holy love, and


desii-ed to become advanced in holy wisdom and

fitted to be used as an angel of light and loveliness.

I saw also, that each delighted to learn

from those above, to communicate beautiful forms,

as gifts of holy love and wisdom to those below,

and to exercise the entire being in harmonic

and unselfish works of love. In this it

was revealed, that each child and each group of

children advanced in orderly series, from temple

to temple, from palace to palace, fi'om circle to

cii'cle, and that as one group advanced it occupied

the place just vacated by an older group and gave

place to a more youthftd family, in its former abode.

Thus like the movement of Spring upon some unfallen

Paradise, I saw each little child, as a living

blossom of immortality, unfold from beauty to

beauty, while all above was gloiy, and all around

was loveliness, and all within was harmonious

movement of unfolding life, love and knowledge

of heaven and adoration of the Savior, and inspiration

of undying joy.

Having thus beheld the City in its glory, usefulness

and magnificence, my vision expanded, and

beyond the extreme circle of palaces, I saw moro

perfectly, what I had seen before while in the City,

midtltudes of angels gathering around, in readiness

to enter the outer temples at the appointed

period. I saw that each class was congregating

accoroling to tlie class or school to which the infants

they had with them were best adapted.

These angels approached as on v:ing's of wind,

The Savior revealed in the cloud of night.—Page 73.

•/ vonx

i'^- -^i


and around them, enrobing them, was a bright

cloud, which made them appear to me as if clothed

with the sun. In their arms, as before stated,

were infant spirits whose existence appeared to depend

upon their care.

As they di-ew very near, each would pause a

moment, poising in the holy and serene atmosphere,

and then inclining to an appropriate position,

would rest.

This most glorious view in its delightful unfoldings

was now somewhat changed, and my

guide addressed me, saying, " Marietta, behold

the order and glorious wonders of the first and most

simple degree of a spiritual paradise. These angels

thou hast seen in their employment, are ever engaged

in this delightful duty. Here, as has been

taught thee, infants assemble from the world whence

we are ; and from this blessed realm they are conducted

to other and higher schools of instruction


but before thou art permitted to advance, a solemn

and instructive lesson shall be given thee.




She touched my forehead again, and lo! the

brightness and the glory of the scene departed, and

I immediately descended, and soon was in a low

and gloomy subterraneous vault. Darkness in thick

folds encompassed me, and a feeling of supernatural

dread entered my soul and shocked my being. A

quivering and spasmodic action wi'ought in feaiiul

conflict throughout. My spirit startled at eveiy

movement of my mind. Yea, it appeared as if my

thoughts wrestled amid the darkness. A distant

roar broke upon my ear, as if an ocean poured its

mighty waters foaming and sm*ging down some

craggy rock-bound cataract. In vain I sought to

grasp some substance by which to impede my rapid

movement, which appeared to force me downward

toward the awM abyss.

At this moment a blue sulphurous flash disturbed

the vault of nether darkness, and as it disap-



peared all around me floated grim spectres, each

enveloped in the fire of nnhallowed passion. So

sudden had been the change and so dreadful its

efi*ects upon me, that no thought but that of horror

and despair had entered my mind, until these lurid

ghosts appeared ; then a more fearftd terror possessed

me, and I turned to seek refuge in the embrace of

my guide, and lo ! I found her not ! Alone and in

this di-eadfiiL place, no means are left me to express

the most faint idea of the agony of that moment.

At first I thought I would pray, but in an instant,

the whole scene of my life was before me. Then

I exclaimed, ' O for one short hour on earth ! for

space, however brief, for preparation of soul, and to

secure fitness for the world of spirits.' But my conscience,

as if some fiend, in a voice hoarse and

trembling, echoed, ' In thy day thou didst reject and

spurn the means adapted to thy necessities, canst thou

hope for successful suit in this dark scene of woe V

And then to add to my misery, my former doubts

and skepticism arose like living beings, looking upon

me with a piercing glare. They revolved around

me in condemning mockery, as though each was a

self-actuated body. Thus congregated my life's

meditations. JVb secret thought hitt novj oomjposed

a part of that attending throng ; even those

thoughts I had, as I supposed, forgotten, proceeded

in order and strength around me. Again they

changed, and each appeared an orb revolving in the

mental, spiritual, and moral atmosphere of my being,

and these, although first appearing in separate parts,


at length combined as components of myself. To

escape them was to flee from my own life. To annihilate

them would seem to blot out my own existence.

Then it was that I realized the force of the

Savior's expression, ^'For every idle word that man

shall speak, he shall give account in the day of


Wliile thus my mental being seemed revolving

in outward vision about my despaiiing thought,

and while in the most absolute wi'etchedness my

spirit longed to be delivered from this nether

gloom, and to repossess the bodily form, another

scene most terrible of all was suddenly made visible.

It was the full and perfect representation of my

Crucified Eedeemer. Suddenly and in one continuous

vision my entire life of thought concerning

him, passed in a separate embodiment before

my mental view. In one compartment of vision,

dotted with appropriate imagery, appeared those

thoughts which I had conceived of him as a man.

In another compartment, also in correspondent

images, appeared a representation of my thoughts

in which I had conceived of him as Divine. In

another compartment still, appeared a representation

of my thoughts concerning his special atonement

for the limited number of the elect, and there

in fearful forms, appeared those thoughts which

had been mine when I had conceived myself to

be doomed to endless pimishment, because predestined

to reprobation from eternity. Still in

another compartment appeared, also in forms apSCENES


propriate, my thoughts concerning the eternal

salvation of all mankind without the necessity of

special moral reformation, and without personal

and living faith in the Savior in regard to his

atonement. And still in another compartment appeared,

also clad in images significant of their

interior natm-e, those thoughts concerning Salvation

by morality, independent of a special interior

faith in Divine good. These separate compartments

blended in one revolving sphere around me,

in which were ten thousand confused and rapidly

combining and separating images, which at once

bewildered, excited and sm'charged my mind. Thus

my mental being moved in fearful vision about

my thought, and every phase of doctrine concerning

Christ, Heaven, Hell, Keligion, or Eternal Life,

which I had ever heard in discom'se, or which I

had conceived by study, or learned in conversation,

or evolved in mental action, made a part of the

tremendous sight.

Oh, how bewildering these conflicting yet associated

ideas of the Kedeemer ! As they encircled

me in one confused yet coherent cloud of imageiy,

I saw in each some distoited view of the Savior,

but from none in their separate forms, neither in

the entire cloud of changing views, could I behold

him as he is, and therefore the divine glory, honor,

majesty and perfection could not be manifested

in theu- exalting and redeeming power, and I could

not see him as a Prince and a Savior in that true

character which he sustains to the world.




Bewildeeed, and ready to abandon all hope

of ever escaping that abode, I had determined in

my mind that the sight was the last which was

to fill up the cup of woe, from which I had drank

already to agony, and which to all eternity could

not be drained, when lo! I saw the Savior extending

his arms toward me, while from his lips

in holy music fell the lovely and soul enrapturing

sentence, " Come unto me all ye weaiy and heavy

laden and I will give you rest."

How vast the contrast, when from the midst of

the cloud, was revealed that glorious Being encompassed

with the shining appearance of a sun. Inwrought

into the revolving surface of the halo of

light which encircled him, and which moved with

calm but rapid motion, I beheld a representation of

the true relation between the Divine Kedeemer and

the universe of light, where holy angels dwell, and

the awful disparity between my own nature and that

sphere of light and life, harmony and love.

I thus beheld him whom, in my madness, folly,



and skepticism I had so often rejected. At first I

wished to break from the mental embodiment which

was about my inner being, and mingle the veiy

elements of my life with this sphere of hght, and to

dwell in its beauty, peace, and joy ; but being unable

to enter into its reality by reason of the diversity

existing between its intrinsic exaltation and the

impure elements of my faUen mind, a feeling of

distrust and doubt again arose within me.



Suddenly a sable veil of nether night appeared

to ascend, pervading and encompassing my being.

My inner doubt seemed wrought into a cloud that

shut out the upper glory, and the spirit of denial

plunged me into the vortex of a deeper gloom. I

fell as one precipitated from some dizzy height. The

embodiment of darkness opened to receive me. The

moving shadow of a more desolate abyss arose like

clouds in dense masses of tempestuous gloom ; and

as I descended, the ever-accumulating weight of

darkness pressed more fearfully upon me. At length

a nether plain that seemed boundless was imaged

upon my sight, which, at a little distance, appeared

to shine with the resemblance of metallic ores, and

to be covered with the sparkling semblance of vegetation.

Luminous appearances, like waving trees,

with resplendent foliage, and flowers and fruits of

crystal and of gold, were visible in every direction.

Multitudes of spirits appeared beneath the umbrage,

and luminous mantles were folded about each



rapidly moving form. Some wore crowns upon

their heads ; others tiaras ; and others decorations

of which I knew not the name, but which appeared

to be wrought of clusters of jewels, wreaths of golden

coin, and cloth of gold and silver tissue. Othei-s

wore towering helmets ; and others circlets filled

with glistening and waving plumes. A pale and

lambent phosphorescence was emitted by every

object, and all appeared a splendid masquerade.

The apparel worn by these busy myriads con-esponded

with the ornaments of the head; hence

eveiy variety of sumptuous apparel was displayed

upon their forms. Kings and queens appeared

arrayed in the gorgeous robes of coronation. Groups

of nobility of both sexes, also decorated with all the

varieties of adornment displayed in the pageantry of

kingly com-ts. Dense multitudes were visible in

costume proper to the highly cultivated nations


and as they passed by, I discovered similar groups

composed of less civilized tribes, attired in barbaric

ornaments of eveiy form. TVTiile some appeared

clothed in the habiliments of the present day, others

were in ancient attire ; but every class of spirits

manifested, in the midst of variety of m^de, a uniformity

of external pride, pomp, and rapidly moving

ftnd dazzling lustre.

Sounds of mingled import—^bursts of laughter


utterances of revelry, of gay sport and witty ridicule,

and polished sarcasm, and obscene allusions and

terrible curses broke upon my ear. These again

were intermixed with impure solicitations and back-



bitings, and hollow compliments, and feigned congratulations,

and all in one sparkling brilliancy,

agitated the pained, bewildered sense.

As I advanced, I walked as npon scorpions, and

trod as amid living embers. The trees that seemed

to wave about me were fiery exhalations, and their

blossoms the sparklings and the bm-nings of unremitting

flames. Each object I approached by contact

created agony.

The phosphorescent glare that surrounded the

various objects bm-ned the eye that looked upon

them. The fruitage burned the hand that plucked

and the lips that received it. The gathered flowers

had emitted a bm-ning exhalation, whose fetid and

noisome odor, inhaled in the nostrils, caused excniciating

pain. The fiery atoms of the atmosphere

burned as they were wafted by me. The air and the

blast that moved it, alike were bm'dened with the

yeiy elements of disappointment and wretchedness.

Upon turning to see if I could discover a single

drop of water to allay the fierce and intolerable

thirst ; fountains appeared, and ri\'ulets flowed amid

the herbage, and lay in calm and placid pools.

Soon, however, I discovered that these corresponded

with the former illusions, and the drops of spray

from the sparkling fountains fell like di'ops of molten

lead upon the shrinking form. The flowing rivulets

were like the molten river of metallic fire that

Btreams from a furnace seven times heated ; and the

deep still pools were as the white and waveless silver


in some glowing crucible, when every atom is bm-ning

with a fierce, intolerable glow.

When in solemn conteinplation of these fearful

scenes, a spirit approached me whom I had known

on earth. This being appeared externally far more

brilliant than when in the body. The form, the

countenance, the eyes, the hands, appeared endued

with a metallic lustre that varied with every motion

and every thought. Accosting me the spirit


"Marietta, we are again met. You see me a

disembodied spirit, in that abode where those who

inwardly deny the Savior find their habitation when

their mortal day has ended.

" Strange emotions agitate your bosom. Thus I

felt, looked, wondered, and moved in sad and bewildered

anxiety in the hour when my being here discovered

the theatre of its present existence. But I

experienced that which you have never yet realized

in the interior principles of mind. Strange and

incontrollable are the emotions causing me to relate

that inward sorrow which this brilliant exterior

would, if it were possible, conceal.

" My life on earth was suddenly brought to a close


and as I departed from the world, I moved rapidly

in the direction prompted by my ruling desires.

I inwardly desired to be courted, honored, admired

—to receive universal adulation, and to be free to

follow the perverted inclinations of my proud, rebellious,

and pleasure-loving heart—a state of existence

where aU should be pleasure without restraint



where each should be free to obey the promptings of

every passion, and where every indulgence should be

permitted to the soul,—where prayers and religious

instructions should find no place—where the Sabbath

should not be known—where no rebuke of sin should

ever fall—^where existence should be spent in gay

and festive sports, with no superior and restraining

power to molest or interfere.

"With these desires I entered the spirit world,

and passed to the condition adapted to my inward

state. I rushed in haste to the enjoyment of the

glittering scenes which you now behold. I was

welcomed as you have not been, for at once I was

recognized as a fit associate by those who here abide.

They do not welcome you, for they discern in you

an interior desire, adverse to the ruling passions

which here prevail.

" I was welcomed with gay and sportive sounds.

The beings whom you behold in the distance rushed

forward to embrace me. They shouted welcome!

welcome ! I was awed, bewildered, and yet mentally

quickened and energized by the atmosphere

of this abode. I found myself endued with the

power of strange and restless motion. A flood

of thoughts which had before existed in a germinal

state witliin my mental organism, burst forth and

filled the mind, until the mental edifice appeared

a minute but corresponding image of the dazzling

scenery and moving lustre of the plane, which had

now become my habitation.

Every organ sent forth and every pore emitted


a phosphorescent illumination, which condensed

about the head and formed the appearance of a

brilliant diadem, and reflected on the countenance

a wild, unearthly glow. The exhalation as it extended

became a flaming robe, enveloping my

form and causing it to conform in appearance to

the invariable likeness of my spirit associates.

"I became conscious of a strange pervasion of the

brain, and the cerebral organs became subject to

a foreign power, which seemed to operate by an

absolute possession.

" I abandoned myself to the attractive influences

that were around me, and sought to satisfy my

craving desires for pleasure. I reveled, I banqueted,

I mingled in the wild and voluptuous dance, I

plucked the shining fruit, I plunged in the ardent

streams, I sm-feited my natm'e with that which externally

appeared delicious and inviting to the

sight and to the sense. But when tasted, all was

loathing and a source of increasing pain. And

so unnatural are the desires perpetuated here that

what I crave I loathe, and that which delights

tortm-es me. My tortm-es create within me a

strange intoxication. My appetite is palled, and

yet my hunger is unappeased and unappeasable.

"Every object which I perceive I crave, and

I grasp it in the midst of disappointment and

gather it with increased agony. With every new

accession of experience I am immersed in some

unknown fantasy, delirium and intoxication. New

and strange phenomena are continually manifested


and add delirium to delirium, and fear to fear. I

seem to myself to become part of that which is

about me, and the varied scenes which are mirrored

upon the vision appear radiated from me, in

a thousand phantasmagorial deceptions. The voices

which fall upon my ear, again bm-st from me in

incontroUable utterances. I laugh, philosophize,

jeer, blaspheme and ridicule by turns, yet every

epithet, however interiorly impure, sparkles with

wit, glows with metaphor, and moves adorned with

eveiy rhetorical embellisliment. The metallic ores,

the waving trees, the shining fr-uit, the moving

phantasms, the deluding waters, seem to form a

dazzling and mocking spectacle, which is ever

before my eyes, and eveiy subject of reflection,

has its fellow in my heart, fi'om which, in its

mocking scenery, it meets a response. I inwardly

crave to satisfy my hunger and my thirst, and the

desfre appears to create without and around

me a tantalizing ilhision of cool waters I may

never di'ink, and grateful fniits I may never taste,

and refreshing airs I never feel, and peaceful slumbers

I may never enjoy. I know that the forms

around me are fantastic and delusive, yet every

object appears to hold controlling power, and to

domineer with cruel enchantment over my bewildered


" I experience the power of the law of evil

attraction. I am the slave of discordant and deceptive

elements and of their presiding vice. Every

object by turns attracts me. The thought of menSCENES


tal fi-eedom dies within the dying will, while the

idea that I am a part and an element of the revolving

fantasy takes possession of my spirit.

"This realm, curtained with a cloud of nether

night, is one sea of perverted and diseased magnetic

element. Here lust, pride, hate, avarice, love of self,

ambition, contention, and blasphemies, reveling in

madness, kindle into a burning flame. And that

speciality of evil which does not belong to and unfold

from one spirit, belongs to and unfolds from

another ; so that the combined strength of the aggregate

of all, is the prevailing law. By this strength

of evil I am bound, and in it I exist.

"Here are those who oppressed the poor; who

robbed the hireling of his wages, and bound the

weary down with heavy burdens ; the false in

religious faith ; the hypocrite ; the adulterer ; tho

assassin ; and the suicide, who, not satisfied with

life in the external form, has hastened its close.

"Did mortals but know the dark and dreadful

night into which they are sm-e to fall if they die

unprepared, they would desire to lengthen the day

of probation rather than to hasten its termination,

however multiplied their scenes of sorrow, and to

wisely improve the fleeting moments which quickly

number earth's probationary scenes. Is man's weary

existence fraught with grief while he walks the

gloomy dells of death, and gropes along the brambly

paths that mortals tread? Here, on either hand^

awake new and multiplied causes of accmnulating

gloom. Does hope of peaceful and happy days in


the outer world flicker like the dying taper ? In this

abode are ceaseless, unsatisfied, and unholy inclinations.

" Here also sense is infinitely more acute. What

with moiials would produce only a pang, enters into

the very elements of our existence, and the pain becomes

a part of us. And as immortality is tho

intellectual sensation of man unincumbered with

physical sense, and vastly superior in its ability

to endure to mortality, in like proportion is the

consciousness and capability of sufibring here,

superior to human suffering.

" Marietta, I feel 'tis vain to attempt the expression

of our deplorable state. I often inquire, is

there no hope? And my sense replies, How can

harmony exist in the very midst of discord ? We

were advised of the consequences of our course while

in the body ; but we loved our ways better than

those which exalted the soul. We have fallen into

this fearful abode. We have originated our sorrow.

God is just. He is good. We know that 'tis not

from a vindictive law of our Creator that we sufler.

Marietta, it is our condition from which we receive

the misery we endm-e. The violation of the moral

law, by which our moral natures should have been

preserved in harmony and health, is the prime cause

of our state. O sin ! thou parent of countless woes I

thou insidious enemy of peace and heaven ! why do

mortals love thy ways ?"

Here she paused and fixed her eyes, wild with

despair, upon me. I shrank from the dreadful


glare, for her appearance manifested inexpressible


While she was addressing me, a multitude of the

forlorn beings were moving around her, striving to

suppress their true feelings, while listening to her

relation of the reality of their sufferings. Their appearance,

her address and the scene which was before

me, filled me with horror ; and I sought to escape-

Upon discovering this, her grief appeared to deepen,

and she hastily said


" ISTo, Marietta, leave me not, can you not endure

for a short period the sight and relation of what I

am continually suffering ? TaiTy with me, for I

desire to speak of many things.

" Do you startle at these scenes ? Know then that

all that moves around you is but the outer degree of

deeper woe. Marietta, no good and happy beings

abide with us. All within is dark. We sometimes

dare to hope for redemption, still remembering the

story of Kedeeming Love, and inquire, Can that

love penetrate this abode of gloom and death ? May

we ever hope to be made free from those desires and

inclinations which bind us like chains, and passions

which bum like consuming fires in the unhallowed

elements of this world of wretchedness ?"

Overcome by her deep feelings, she yielded to the

manifestation of grief, and I heard her speak no

more ; whereupon another spirit drew near, and addressing

me, said


" Go, leave us to our lot. Your presence gives us

pain, since it revives the more active memory of lost


opportunities ; the indulgence of propensities tliat

folded around the soul the elements of evil magnetism,

and pervaded the spirit with its deadly miasm."

Here the spirit paused a moment, then continued,

*' ]S"o, tariy

; prompted by a cause I know not, I am

desirous to reveal what we have learned while here,

relative to the power and influence of evil and its

magnetism upon the spirit of man, which, though

while man inhabits the tenement of clay is exceedingly

subtile, when the spirit leaves the outer

world and enters the interior world, forms the external

sphere of his existence. Here it is the more

external. In the world whence we came, it is the

invisible and inteiior ; but now it is our outward

dwelling. It arises from the deep. It unfolds from

the soul. It encompasses all, pervades all, controls

and inspires all. Mortals are opposed to this tnith,

and from the love and goodness of God, they reason

that there can not be suflfering in the spirit of man.

This reasoning charges evil upon God, since evil

and suffering exist with the family of man in the

outer world and with us prevail. The cause of this

is obvious, and yet men seek to reject the principle.

" When the harmony and movement of law is disturbed

or prevented, evil consequences ensue. Man,

by counteracting the movement of law in himself,

produces a contrary effect from what is indicated,

and therefore, that which was ordained unto life


that which should have perfected him—by improper

tendencies, is operative unto death ; sin therefore,

or tlie violation of law, unfits the being for


proper development, and hence, the violator being

removed from harmony, dies unto (ceases to exist

in) the law of peace and holy development.

" This great and irrevocable truth is manifest in

every degree of physical and moral movement,

where law meets with obstruction ; and we have its

fimits with us in abundant and fearful hai-vest.

" Why will not mortals reason and discover the

results of action, and by preventing the growth of

evil and by cleaving unto God, thi'ough heaven appointed

means, escape these fearful consequences?

Marietta, you are not one of us, else these elements

would have enveloped your being and absorbed

your life. But you will retm-n to realms of

peace. Madness and delirium arise and rage within

us upon being cited to scenes where love, pure

love, and peace abide. You are thus addressed

because of yoiu' return to earth. Tt^ll the inhabitants

thereof what you have seen, and warn them of

the danger awaiting those who persist in the gi-atification

of impure desires."

One hideous expression closed the scene; and

being overcome—for I knew what I had witnessed

was real—I was immediately removed. Those

spirits I had known on Earth, and when I saw them

there I knew them still. Oh, how changed ! They

were the very embodiment of sorrow and remorse.

How ardently I desired that they might escape and

become pm-e, and receive an inheritance with those

blessed spirits I visited in the Paradise of Peace.



DcRiNG these reflections I unconsciously passed

away from that sphere of gloom to a region

where I could perceive nothing but lonely space.

ISTo sun or stars were visible to my sight. Darkness

more dense, closed around me, and I felt that my

doom was sealed, and that I should soon become the

companion of spirits in those fantastic realms. And

when I began to agonize beneath the idea of departing

hope, I heard a voice as from the distance, in

tones soft and melodious, say, " Look unto Jesus :

He is the life of the soul." In a moment an inward

feeling arose in rebellion to the idea of adoring that

Jesus who was crucified; when suddenly all that

seemed to sustain me departed, and again I descended

as from an immeasiu'able height, into an abyss

inhabited by beings, whose condition I did not at

fii'st discover, but who were finally revealed as more

desperate than those from whom I had just escaped.

They gathered around me and commended me for

the doubt I had entertained concerning the Divinity

of the Son of God. Tlien a spirit of giant intellect,

approaching me, said :




" Religion, the Eeligion of the Bible, so much re

vered by many who live in darkness and are mideveloped,

is but a spiritual farce. The God of the

Bible whom Christians call the Savior of the "World,

was but a man. Religious faith circumscribes the

range of human thought, fetters the noble intellect,

and prevents the progression of the race. Those

thou hast just visited, are a class of spirits who,

blinded by the delusive dreams of Earth's religionists,

have entered the spirit world unprogressed;

hence they still cling to the idea of Redemption

through Clu'ist. They appear to suffer


their suffering is but imaginary. Light will ere

long reach them. Then will' they be enabled to

discover the folly of their religious education, to

which, though discarded by their better being,

they cleave with insatiable desires. We are free.

Our intellect ranges unrestrained, and we behold the

magnificence and the glory of the peopled universe.

We enjoy the rich productions of the sublime attributes

of mind, and thus—and not by the Religion

of the Cross—we arise into the more exalted spheres

of intellectual attainments, and the moving grandeur

of terrestrial things.

" Marietta, for so thou art called, we saw thee

when darkness overshadowed thee, and well did we

understand that for a moment, from the force of education,

thou wouldst have offered prayer for salvation

in the name of Jesus. We heard that voice

that spake from above thee, saying, 'Look to

Jesus ;' still that did not save thee. Learn, then,


that from the native unfolding of thy being cometh


"What dost thou see, Marietta? Abandon thy

thoughts of the empty Religion of the Bible, and behold

the wonders of this sphere of existence. This

is the Second Sphere. Around thee gather minds

from the varied spheres of Earth, minds whose

strength of intellect could not yield to the force of an

imaginary religion. They were not awed into reverence

by the priestly garb, nor sang the idle notes

of psalmody, the heartless ' music ' of the church.

" These sing of nature, of which they are a noble

part ; and thus united, ascend the octave of mental

progressive harmony."

Here the spirit addressing me became greatly

annoyed; and the nebulous appearance which encompassed

him was agitated under the influence of

successive sliocks, which caused his veiy being to

convulse and writhe beneath its influence. I could

not perceive whence they came, and was greatly

terrified, as I saw the whole scene changed at every

successive touch, which v^^as attended with flashes

like broad sheets of lurid light, playing upon the

cloud-like form which enveloped him.

I could also perceive that he was intensely strug

gling to overcome some power which was about to

control him. Every energy was exerted to its highest

capacity, to roll back the tide that was overwhelming

him. Suddenly he groaned, as in the bitternesa

of one sinking to irremediable despair, and then

yielded to the intrusive influence, when, lo ! a vast


arena opened to my view, in which I saw at one

glance every imaginable species of vice, forms and

fashions of human society, government, clans, and

all the varied phases and forms of worship, originating

in every kind of religion, from the heathen to

fashionable chm'ch-going people, who heartlessly

worship mider the name of the holy Religion of the




As this scene opened, I heard a voice from far

above me, saying, " Marietta, fear not ; but behold

a pandemonium, where congregate the self-deceived

; hopers in false philosophy, together with the

despisers of God ; and where also arise, in spectral

form, the false religions of Earth ; where hypocrisy

unveils its hideous shape, and religious mockery

speaks in its own language; where are exhibited

human wolves, who appeared in sheep's clothing,

that they might indulge their cupidity upon the

humble and unsuspecting. Hark ! listen to that

wild chant which breaks from the thousands who sit

in the galleries of song. They once sung—^heartlessly

sung—hymns dedicated to the worship of the

living God. Listen to the hoarse voice of the heavy

organ before which they are congregated. See, they

arise ; observe theii' manner, and seek to understand

what they utter."

As I approach the description of this scene, I

most sensibly feel my incompetency. Tlie reality

none can ever know, save those who personally behold

it. I am only able to say, that every evil device



wliicli prevails with man, appeared organized and

moving in a perfect scene, and each spirit was an

actor performing the part cultivated by him while in

the body. I knew that if they expected bliss, all

was unreal ; and yet all struggled to obtain enjoyment,

which, however, from its dreadlul fantasy,

recoiled upon the sufiering soul with inexpressible

horror. ^

As I looked upon them, the occujDants of the broad

galleries arose ; and as they sung, the hoarse voice

of the spectral organ jarred, as note after note ol

their attempted music fell from lips whose veryaccents

mocked the effort. My soul pitied them, as

I saw them sink back in utter despair ; and yet I

thought I could perceive design in their movements.

Below them were seated a fastidious audience, before

whom was standing, in a pulpit of Gothic architecture,

one clad in priestly garb—one who had dishonored

the cause of the Redeemer by hypocrisy and

the love of vain glory—who had made the cause of

the holy ministiy a by-word, by a soulless profession

of love for the gifts of grace. This representation of

speculators in religious things, moved in the mock

dignity of his clerical profession. Before him

lay an open volume, from which he attempted

to read , but every effort was bafflied. Bis voice

was shrill and piercing, and his accents inarticulate.

His features became distorted, and he writhed and

agonized. He then attempted to read again, which

resulted as did the first, increasing his sufferings,

until he burst forth in the most vehement expressions,



ciu'sing his own being, and all around him, and theB

blasphemously addi-essing himself to the Author of

Existence, charged God with all wrong, the som'ce oi*

eveiy soitow, and even desired to gather together

the strength o^f all created intellect with which to

cui'se the Creator of the Uniyer&e. His oaths, his

manner, and his insatiable passion, caused him to

appear so desperate, that 1 felt impressed with fear

that he had power to accomplish gi-eat destruction in

whatever direction he moyed.

Soon, however, my anxiety was relieved by the

sudden exhaustion of his entire force, and I saw

that he too, was limited in power, and was, moreover,

to a very great extent, under the will of his


One glance at the throng before him, was sufficient

to reveal the cause of much of his suffering.

There, were seated those whose countenances bespoke

interior hate, mingling with wild maniacal

relish; those who mocked his futile effort and

indulged in fiendish delight at the expense of his

dreadful sufferings. Yea, they relished his manifestation

of keen despair as the uneasy wound

relishes that friction which affords present maddening

pleasm-e, but terminates in more excited pain.

As he sank back, the expression of his countenance

was that of horror beyond description. His being

assumed every imaginable distortion. Around him

flashed lurid fires, and his entire outward expression,

revealed an inward consciousness as restless

as some burning crater. His whole appearance


bespoke agonies equal to the worst conceptions

of the relentless sinner's hell, and reminded me

of the language of Jesus, who said, '^ And they

shall go into outer darkness, where there shall be

weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth ; where

the woiTQ dieth not and the fire is not quenched."

While he lay enveloped in the fires of his own

unhallowed passions, one of his audience arose

and thus addressed him:

"Thou fiend of darkness! thou child of hypocrisy

! deceiver, matchless deceiver ! thine is

the hell of a heartless religious teacher. Adequate

sufierings thou canst never endure. Thou 'madest

merchandise of religion and the souls of men. Yea,

because of this, thou didst dwell in temples of

human glory, receiving the adoration of men ; then

thou didst wrap thyself in the garments of ease

at the expense of souls ; thou didst not seek to

reach the ruined heart with the soul-redeeming

Truth of Heaven, but to please the ear and charm

the fancy. ISTow thou art tormented. Arise ! thou

false teacher, arise ! and in thy silken gown display

the order of thy false apostleship. Speak to us

smooth things. Direct the movement of this broad

gallery of mimic song. Hold thy blasphemy!

vent not thy cursings, for lo ! thy Maker is just


wish not to move him from his throne. His august

majesty thou didst mock. Through thee, his glory

should have shown, and by that light thousands

should have been led to seek his face."



At tliis sharp rebuke the sufferer sought to

escape, whereupon the speaker continued,

" Xay, thou hypocrite ! even though thou wouldst

thou canst not flee. Cast thy vision over this vast

throng of sufferers, then ask thyself the cause.

Though these have sinned, and each to his Master

Btandeth or falleth, canst thou behold them in peace

and a sense of innocence? Didst thou strive to

lead them up to God? Yea, rather thy learned

essays and elaborate expositions of the Sacred Word,

adorned with poetic genius, addressed with most

eloquent display, did they not lull in deeper slumber

the dormant spirit, while wreathing thy mortal

brow with human laurels ?"

Here the spirit addressed cried out, " Hold ! hold !

spare me ! I sufier the tortm-es of unabating remorse

! Dread Retiibution ! stay ! oh, stay ! nor cut

thy victim down. I own my sufferings just. In

life I sought the means of human pleasm-e. I trifled

with the souls of men, and heartlessly wrote of eternal

things. I formed my prayers for human hearing,

and interpreted the Sacred Text to gratify the

capricious, the selfish, the vaunter in holy things,

the usm-per of hmnan rights, the oppressor. Horror,

the horrors of immortal night and keen remorse

take hold of my spu-it, I hear the voice of lamentation.

I see the madness of disappointed spirits.

These haunt me. If I seek to fly, before me congregate

like ghosts the multitude of ills hanging upon

the soul that here finds no rest. These, my parSCENES


risioners, drive me mad with their bitter imprecations.

Secret sins, like demons commissioned to inflict on

me immortal pain, arise from the vault of memory.

Spare me a deeper hell !" During these ejaculations

the whole audience arose and mocked his agony.

At the close, the spirit addressing him resumed his

animadversion, saying


" Well didst thou know our delight was to please

thee ; and when we indulged in the gratification of

desires imhallowed, and leading in the ways of

death, no reproof was administered by thee, our

religious teacher. The Bible—oh ! that sacred Book,

gift of God to guide the wanderer to bright mansions

in heaven—was made, by the false interpretations of

the pleasm^e-loving and heartless divine, the passport

to this scene of woe, where sins ripen into

living forms, where fashions, with their gaudy

folds, enwrap the spirit as with innumerable sheets

of unextinguishable fire, and where Mammon, like

a spectral goddess, sits in the clouds of death, which

encanopythe abyss.

" The law of being, inverted, culminates in the

fantasy in which thou art moving. This thou hast

done, urged on by the love of glory, the glory of

the hypocrite, whose form of religion is like a

whited sepulchre , to the outward view fair as the

spotless Church, which reflects the glory of the

Spiritual Jerusalem from bright worlds on high.

But thy heart was the seat of pride and lust, a

cage of foul birds, a den of reptile thoughts. Yes, a

sepulchre full of dead men's bones, the anatomic


fragments of departed, heartless divines, the legacy

of religious bigots.

"Curse not thy Maker. This is thy harvest.

Listen to that scripture so often carelessly falling

fi'om thy lips. ' He that soweth to the flesh shall of

the flesh reap corruption.' ' The wages of sin is

death.' How those passages of Holy Writ ring

through the brassy chambers of souls congi-egated in

the realms of night. Yes, they ring as from spirit

to spirit they move, touching each immortal sensation

drawn to its highest tension by the horror of the

doom and the phantom scenes that arise like ghosts

from beneath these spheres of death.

" No, false teacher, let God be true ; for sin hath

formed us thus. We suffer the consequences of violated

law, the law of our being."

As he spoke these words, a fearful trembling seized

his form. He became more and more agitated, until

lie, with the great congregation, quaked and fell

like dead men ; and losing identity, presented one

vast body of agitated life. Above this body arose a

thick atmosphere of moving atoms, so dense, that it

appeared like a part of the mass below.

Tlie sight was too much ; and being unable to

endure further these scenes of woe, I shrank back

and exclaimed, " Is there not a God of mercy, and

can he behold and not save ?"

"Yes," spake a voice from above me, " yes there

is a God of mercy, and that God beholds with pitying

eyes the sinner. Mercy yeanis over him. Yea,

hast thou not read, ' God so loved the world, that ho


gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth

on him should not perish, but have eternal life?'

But though salvation is offered to the world, and

Heaven's messengers plead with the sinner, millions

refuse, and millions more who profess, speculate

upon the great truth connected with man's redemption.

Sin indulged, forms the sinner for woe


and there are many who will not forsake their evil

ways until fallen into the most wretched state, the

consequence of the violation of the law of purity and


"Fear not, Marietta, before thee has been portrayed

a portion of the consequences of sin upon the

spirit of man. Spiritual sufferings are beyond any

power of expression ; nor may they be perfectly

mirrored upon the understanding by figures of representations.

He who first addi-essed thee, represents

that spirit of antichrist which seeks to dazzle spiritual

perception by bright pictures of false reasoning^

behind all of which lies the scene of discord, improper

affections, impure desires, love of self, false

hearts, cruelty, lust, rapine, and miu-der ; the denial

of God in his redeeming mercy, sacrilege and blasphemy.

He strove to direct thy attention to an

opposite scene, and thereby conceal the state of

those whose hearts are not controlled hj the love oi


" His power failing, represents the utter inutility

of all things out of Christ, to save the soul

from the influences tending to death which, through

sin, infect the unregenerate heart.


^' Then opened a scene in which was likewise portrayed

all forms of vice ; but too heavily would that

view have borne upon thee, had it been displayed

in its fulness, hence immediately appeared the gallery

of choralists. These represent the world making

melody to the gods of their worship, of whatever

name or character they chanced to be. In their

hearts was no fear or love for the Supreme Being,

whom they mocked with lip service. In the

desk was represented a false teacher, and the

awful consequences of hypocrisy in religion. He

was false, and therefore fallen into this pit of woe.

Before him were those who represent the woi*shipers

in the name of the Cross, but who have not the

fear of God before their eyes. They appeared unto

men to worship, but their hearts were far from God.

They sought to please themselves in their devotions,

while they chose a teacher who in turn sought to

glorify himself with men by gratifying the caprice of

his audience.

" He strove to address them in representation

of the great tnith, that the mind works out in the

spirit, the cultivation and impression received in

the outer world. His ineffectual effort represents

the inability of any being to derive real satisfaction,

or to be useful to those around him by false methods.

" The s})irit addressing him, represents the spiiit

of tliose who, in any sphere of existence, had

trusted to folse teachers, and had little concern

for their spiritual interests. And thus the discorSCENES


dance of beings not properly united is made to

appear. Tliey charge their sins upon each other.

The spirit's reference to the justice of their condition

as a natui-al consequence following the

violation of law, represents the consciousness of

guilt and the goodness of God, conceived by all

who awake from their idle dreamings to a proper,

sense of the the requisition of God's holy law upon



' The dreadful wi'ithing of the spirit addi-essed

under the dark picture of his past deeds, represents

that those who, in external life follow their carnal

desires, when they meet in spirit reflect great truths

upon each other, by the thoughts and movements

of their being. Their final fall and blending into

one, illustrates the inseparable nature and tendency

of sin ; also, that the law of sympathy or magnetic

affinity, exists even with the disembodied spirits

of men ; and that, by that law, like character

of mind and affections, are attracted to each

other, and that by accumulation, prevailing elements

increase in power and momentum, and

thus each receives from and inflicts sorrow upon the


" The moving cloud above them also illustrates

the atmosphere of thought which fills the great arena

of spiritual discord.

"Finally, Marietta, the scene of the bishop and

his congregation, together with the false teachers

of the schools of vain philosophy, illusti-

ates that portion of the sacred text which saith.


' If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall togather.'

" Marietta, thy spirit cannot endure more ; but

let this lesson impress thee with the great trifth, that

' the wages of sin is death.'




As the voice addressing me ceased, I heard an

angel as fi'om some choral band, say, " Marietta,

come up hither !" and I arose into a cloud of light,

which gently ascended. In its pavilion my spirit


The change how great, how marvelous ! A moment

before I was with fear and wonder beholding

an excited, suffering throng reveling in the

madness of inflamed passions: passions cultivated

while in the body to excessive indulgence. There,

they had sorrow. There, were manifested, undisguised,

the effects of evil of every character, of demoralizing

habits, secret pm*poses, and hidden iniquity.

There were contentions, murmurings, and dreadful

blasphemies, while the actors and sufferers were

di-awn together and held by prevailing elements,

the elements of their own perverted natures.

And from their condition I had learned that sin

worketh death, and happiness cometh not by disobedience,

but by unsophisticated religious faith:

fiiith in Jesus as the Eedeemer which incites the



true worship of God from a broken heart and contrite

spirit. Moreover, I also learned, that deceit

was the element of darkness and the som-ce of many

woes, as well as the covert for the concealment of

the end of falsehood and the fruits of vice. And yet

was plainly revealed the great truth that no deception

however finely wrought, can slu'oud in the

horn' of trial ; for he who essayed to portray the

glories of nature, and sought by the display of the

emblazoned canopy to allm-e the soul from the Cross,

and proifer life and peace by other means, failed to

conceal the drama moving in the broad arena where

congregate those who do not love God or regard his

law —despisers of the holy religion of Jesus by

which men are saved.

I was reflecting upon this scene when new light

broke in upon me. I tm^ned to see whence it issued,

when, lo ! above me, I saw a lovely being, clad in

raiment bright as the sun, reposing in the gloiy

surrounding her. Her countenance shone with

heavenly goodness. Calmly she dwelt in the midst

of the divine effulgence. She spake, and her voice

filled me with delight, saying, " Eest spirit, rest.

Let no care depress thee. Dismiss thy thoughts

upon the scenes just passed. For every willing heart

God hath in heaven a mansion prepared. And

whoso seeks shall find the Lord a present help in

time of need. Those thou hast seen are in the element

they indulged while in the body. As he who

falls from some dizzy height must bear the pain the

wound imparts, even so he who lives and dies in


sin, receives the counterpart. This is the law of


" Kest, Marietta, rest ; for lo ! angelic bands descend.

List, sister. That hannony, how sweet!

How gently it moves along the heavenly way ! It

nears us, Marietta ; the volume swells upon the

heavenly breeze. Its notes accent praises to our

Eedeemer. Heavenly anthems awake on every

hand. Look up. Marietta ; lo ! we are near a city

wherein dwelleth righteousness, l^o evil enters

there. No false spirit shaU ever pollute the holy

temples thereof. Hark, sister spirit, an angel

guardian of the holy hills, addresseth thee."

Then there came a voice saying, " Marietta,

whence art thou ? Hast thou left the world of

mortal sadness ! And why art thou in(5Tined to

scenes whei*e evil passions reign ? Does- thy being

vasciUate between the spheres of good and evil ? I

have seen thee in the Paradise of Peace, moving

with the blessed, where songs unite and anthems

are ever ascending in softest melody. I have seen

thee floating in the murky air fiiendless and alone


thence I witnessed thy sudden fall into the cloud

that o'erhangs the arena of inharmonious, wicked

beings ; and then I saw thee observing every movement

until the sight overcame thee; and sinking

beneath the burdened vision, I heard thee call for

help from God or for some kind angel to befriend

thee. Learn from this, that he whose heart is not

established in truth, whose nature is not controlled

by the law of holy love, is exposed to the attracting


influence of evil ; for there is no safety for the soul

not born of Divine Good. He who hath not this

principle, is in moral condition exposed to those

influences which tend to outer darkness, and the

abode of those existing in the sphere of deadly magnetism.

Eemember that he who would be the disciple

of Truth and enter into rest, must deny himself

the gratification of the unholy inclinations ol

the pei-verted heart, wliich cleave to that which does

not inspire reverence for God or a desire to be

found doing His will ; and he must convert the

attributes of his being to the exercise of welldoing,

for thus and thus only can be secm*ed through

grace divine, everlasting good.

"Marietta, these scenes and the opening of thy

spu'itual perceptions are permitted for a wise purpose.

The movement of human minds, unsettled

in religious truth, thou hast represented when attracted

to paradise, thence to vacant regions where

Chaos and Mght rule chief monarchs ; and thence

to scenes of wretchedness where are those whose

characters have been formed by wi'ong indulged,

and the love thereof cherished, until the receptive

powers have become drunken with the excess of

vice, and delirious under the influence of hallucinating

pleasures. And where at last the elements of

evil operate uncontrolled, and the soul made sensible

of the nature of false influence, realizes the tendency

and the efiects of sin.

"Thus it is revealed, that when left to itself,

the perverted spirit drives madly on under the inSCENES


jsatiable action of evil, and by association devoid

of restraint, spirits aggravate each other's woe; and

therefore those in the broad arena were mutual


"So also in the world of mortality, sin is

strengthened in proportion to the number of minds

actuated by its principles. Thus one evil doer

supports another in the ways of evil. And herein

is seen how one sinner destroyeth much good. Sin

added to sin enlargeth its capacity, and increaseth

its movement, until families, tribes and nations

arm themselves to do battle in. its behalf. O, that

mortals but knew the power of evil influence ! Then

prompted by the law of heavenly love, the Spirit

of Grace, they would unite to prevent its workings

in the carnal heart. Marietta, woe may

well be written upon the dome encompassing the

race of man, for by their indulgence in sin they

embitter their mortal existence, and too often enter

the world of spirits preponderating to evil, and

thence become united to those existino; where like

elements prevail. But the grace of God if admitted

into the understanding and afiections, changes the

character and inclinations; since Divine Life descending

into the soul, causes the affections thereof

to incline to its source. And such when they enter

here, by the law of holy attraction, mingle in life's

sustaining sphere, and from God receive the inspiration

of holiness, the ever increasing spirit

of divine attainments."



"Marietta, this is the city where thou hast

beheld the infant nui'series, to- which, from scenes

of sorrow and death thou art permitted to return.

From this position above the centre dome of the

infant nm'sery, thou canst behold the order and use

of this temple of education. Here are congregated

the schools of Infant Paradise, and here they are

instructed in the higher degTces of useful employment."

As the spirit closed, suddenly the great dome

below us opened, and presented at one single view

its glory and magnificence. In it I saw united

all the gi-andeur, variety and order of the entire

paradise. Again, I saw in the centre, the Cross.

Around it were twelve spirits, in each of whose

hands was a lesser cross and a harp. Upon their

heads were crowns bright with gems. Below these

and filling the broad arena encircled with magnificent

galleries, were convened the members of

schools from the difierent temples and wards

throughout the city. Over each was a presiding

spirit whose movements were closely observed by



those below them. As I looked I beheld unnumbered

bands of infants, whose shining robes presented

every imaginable hue. In the hand of each

was a rose, in whose folds was combined every

variety of flower that blooms upon the plains. Upon

each rose rested a small white dove, and across

the wings was written, ''Holiness to the Lord."

Before each infant was an open scroll, upon which

appeared to be written, in characters I could in

no wise understand, that which was their first lesson

here. All having their position, were motionless

as they poised composedly in the light near theii

protecting spirits. Eacli infant appeaivd to expect

directions from the twelve spirits who were around

the Cross, upon whom they now fixed their attention.

O, how blissful the silence that prevailed

and which revealed the perfect order and Divine

harmony of the place.



marietta's unfitness revealed by


" Listen, Marietta," said the angel ; and with her

right hand she pressed my temples, and lo ! from

that deep silence came forth music like the angelic

breath, of the most inward and hallowed life of the

spirit. I could scarcely hear it ; still in softest

melody it moved over the octavian organism of my

inward being. Until then I had not known that

within me were elements which could be awakeaed

to such symphony ; or if tuned, could vibrate to the

touch of such sacred and interior melody. For

sm'ely it appeared like the spirit of interior song.

As the notes of that spirit of music arose, I thought

a new natm'e was given me to enable me to realize

harmony so perfect ; and I seemed to blend with it,

until my own volition sought to unite, and then


oh ! then—I felt the effects of a soul unstrung.

Note after note from the invisible source approached

this inward life of mine, but no more moved in

unison with the music chords of my being ; since

in striving to blend in the movement they produced



discord, and the several cadences were by it repelled

and broken like the fall of smooth waters upon some

rocky and uneven surface. The music became

harsh to me, in that I knew my unlikeness to its

natm'e. Then I suflered. Oh ! the agony of that

moment. The contrast was dreadful. Every part

of my being was out of order. The waves of harmony

that moved softly and gently throughout the

dome, fell like disturbed waters into my unfitted

and discordant heart. I fain would have escaped,

for any other condition would be preferable by far.

I thought even the arena of mimic worship would

better comport with my natm*e, and there I could

more easily harmonize with the prevailing law.

But I could not escape. I was a perfect wreck


and each moment rendered my condition more

awful, until an hour would appear an age. At

length I cried in the bitterness of my soul, " Away

oh ! let me fly from this scene. Other music has

filled me with delight—other melody rendered me

happy. To it I listened ; and while I heard I di^ank

in the spirit of the sacred song. But now, by some

unknown law, I am prompted to attempt union with

this harmonious sweetness, and lo! I am in my

unhallowed natm'e discovered. All are witnesses of

my discordance ; and to myself I now appear unfit

for angelic association, and lost beyond redemption.

My spii'it is wounded, broken, fallen ; no part thereof

is adapted to its fellow. Oh ! let me fly away where

darkness, with her sable pall, may hide me for ever

from myself. Angel, veil, oh I veil this light that


discoT'ers my deformity, and save me from the torments

of this angelic harmony. Oh I is there a

deeper hell ? Should demons mock aromid the lost

spirit, there would be notliing to awaken this new

life, or by calling into action the unstrung spiritual

being, crush it with a sense of its unfitness ; and no

other power but this interior harmony can touch the

spirit's most conscious element, and break up the

hidden fountains of the unstrung and unsanctified


Thus I plead to be released by some method, from

the light, the harmony, and the bliss that filled to

the utmost capacity of enjoyment, the gTeat congregation.

My suflering was beyond expression, and

yet at the time I did not consider the cause any

farther than the fact that my soul was unstrung. I

realized my entire unfitness for the employment, the

society, and the happiness of the members of that

paradise. On former occasions I had desfred to be

admitted with them, and to ever abide in that holy

sanctuary, but had not properly considered what

qualifications were wanting in me, in order that I

could join them in their holy anthems. True, I had

witnessed the deformity of the infant spuit, and had

with wonder beheld the operations of Grace in its

restoration ; but never had I understandingly applied

this knowledge to myself.

When I felt di'awn by the sphere of darkness, and

saw the very cloud of death part to receive me, I

looked up to the paradisical heaven with a suppliant

desire to enter there and be saved. But little did I


know that even then, were I permitted to enter as a

member into the spiiit thereof, that I should suffer

excess of agony from the effects of the love and harmony

of heaven upon me, so that my condition

would involve me in perplexity and miseiy equal to

the deepest hell. In this manner my mind quickly

surveyed the entire scene, while pleading for relief,

and I was enabled to fully realize my condition,

and felt assured that all was lost, and that I was

doomed to woe.

At length an angel said, "Marietta, thou art not

lost. True, thy deformity is exposed ; and thou art

suffering by reason of the awakening of thy spirit

so as to discern the true state of a discordant soul,

and by contrast with goodness thou art brought to

a sense of want. In this, perhaps thou wilt be

the better prepared to realize the goodness of God in

the provisions made for redemption through the Lord

Jesus, whom aU the heavens adore.

" When thou wast previously admitted into the

society of the sanctified, thy discordant condition

was mostly holden from thy sight, and thou wast, as

a guest, permitted to receive the influence as an

outer sacredness which, like holy dew, feU upon

thee and watered thy thirsty spirit. But so perfect

is the breath of holiness here that when it touched

thy inner Hfe, all thy latent unfitness appeared in

contrast ; hence thy suffering. In this also thou art

in a measure enabled to discover the wisdom of a

benevolent Creator in the bestowment of that Providence

which causes spirits of like nature and tenden118


cies, whose habits are established, to incline to like

conditions and abodes, so that opposite elements of

absolute good and evil, being separate, shall not

enhance the misery or annoy the bliss of any class.

And thus is revealed why no unclean thing can ever

enter the Holy City, John, the Eevelator, saw. For

into this sacred Temple, no unholy disembodied

spirit could enter. ISTor can any law of existence

receive the gross, unsanctified soul within that city

of interior life whence originated the soft and spirit

stirring melody which so much affected thee, nor

could the inhabitants of this blessed abode dwell

with spirits unreconciled to God in the spheres of

darkness. Marietta, behold the goodness of God

in the law of being. How palpable would appear

the injustice of a Kighteous Creator, should he doom

to the pales of night, or permit any law to operate so

that one of these little ones should perish by being

attracted into the deadly magnetism of the abode of

guilt, the regions of woe. Their tender and pure

natures would writhe beneath the touch of the inflamed

passions of those who are abandoned to the

madness of insatiable desires. In very deed might

God be considered unjust should his law thus expose

the innocent. Likewise, there would be a manifest

want of mercy in their disposition, should any unsanctified

and discordant spirit be impelled, while in

that state, into the element of harmony and holiness,

since their sufferings must increase in proportion

to the degree of light and Supreme Good that

pervades the abode of the pure.


"Herein is displayed the wisdom and goodness

of God. ]N"o absolutely discordant element in the

world of spirits mingles with the pure and harmonious.

And thus is fulfilled the Sacred Text which

saith, when speaking of these conditions ;

' He that

is filthy let him be filthy still : he that is righteous

let him be righteous still: he that is holy let him

be holy still:' that is, let there be a separation between

the qualities of good and evil with the disembodied,

and hence let those who are holy enjoy

that without the warring of evil elements, and let

the unholy blend by the law of their affinities.

For in the nature of their existence, in contrast with

that of the unrighteous, it is justly written that

there is an impassable gulf fixed, since these extremes

can in no wise blend. Hence it is again

wi'itten, Whoso is born of God is born of love,

and love has no likeness to hatred. "Whoso is

under the dominion of evil doth not love God.'

If mortals did but realize this law they would strive

against evil and cultivate righteousness in themselves,

and thus through grace, be prepared for

the spiritual inheritance of the just. But, Marietta,

this lesson thou canst not now fiiUy learn nor comprehend.

What thou hast witnessed and w^hat

angels have taught thee, consider, when these scenes

are past, and make thou a wise improvement thereof,

least a greater evil, than to realize an entire

unfitness for an everlasting inheritance with the

Sanctified, befall thee.

"And wlien thou art restored to external sense


and action, look unto Jesus, who alone can pre

pare thee to return and enjoy the rapture, and engage

with the worshipers in this abode of the

blessed. Here thou hast learned that the unregenerate

cannot become the companions of these

spirits. Weep not, Marietta," said the angel, as

I began to yield to grief, "weep not, for a ransom

is prepared ; in a healing fountain thou mayst

wash, by which all the impurity of thy being may

be removed. In this rejoice greatly, since through

great mercy, Eedemption is offered, and those who

could not otherwise attain to perfect joy, are exalted

from prison vaults to mansions in our Father's

Kingdom. For this grace the saints in heaven

praise God, nor cease day or night to utter hymns

of thanksgiving to Him who is their Kedeemer."

Thus saying, the angel touched my forehead,

and a stream of light entered my being, and I arose.

" Kow," said the angel, " thou mayst listen to the

soft notes of the song sung by the infants, who

are just admitted from the different temples of learning

into this great centre dome of the infant paradise

of instruction."




With sweetness the music of the infant choralists

arose from their pnre hearts, filling the expanse

and swelling into gentle waves, which harmoniously

moved along the atmosphere above. But grandeur

was added to the scene as I beheld them formed

into bands, and uniting class with class, made

one throughout —each class being composed of

equal numbers, each spirit glowing with the holy

fire of the sacred hymn.

Moving from band to band was a female spirit,

clothed in raiment pure and white. Upon her

head was a crown set with gems, which shone

with the brightness of the sun. In her left hand

she held an open volume, in her right, a sceptre.

She appeared to observe every infant, and to

clearly distinguish every voice, so as to know the

relation of their different qualities to each other,

and thence to aU. Likewise, her every movement

was noticed by the infants who sought to imitate

her even as pupils do their instructors in schools

with men.



The parts of music performed were manifold, yet

in harmony ; and the melody was the beauty of

perfection. As they sung, their spirit fingers moved

over their soft and mellow-toned harps, while all

were increasingly inspired with confidence which,

adding to the melody, appeared to blend them into

one great soul, whose breath was the spirit and

harmony of celestial love.



Here another scene, varying in many parts, was

presented to the infants who were congregated in

the centre dome for that pm^pose, preparatory to

theii' advance to the superior plain, where they were

to commence a life of heavenly use, unfolding and

never-ceasing attainments.

In order that you may better understand what I

relate, and the object of the varied representations

before the infants, it is necessary to add, that one

mode of instruction in the spirit world is to reveal,

by figures and scenes, the principles involved in the

several lessons.

There is a law by which every principle, scene,

tragedy, person, creatm-e, color, or substance in any

sphere necessaiy to be revealed, can be reflected as

from a miri'or in reflex galleries ; from planetariums,

upon which the likeness of every substance, form, or

color in a system, is daguerreotyped ; or they can be

represented by panoramic and continuous, revolving

views ; and also by personages performing the



several parts, and thus representing the varioua

principles and actors in any scene.

Bj these means, spirits unlearned in scientific or

artistic wisdom , in moral or spiritual laws , or the

plan, structure, and movement of the intellectual,

spiritual, moral, and physical universe, are enabled

to receive the impression intended, so as to discern

the character of all and eveiy idea, substance, thing,

organism, or entity conveyed. And so perfect

are the representations, that while beholding them

the mind conceives the reality, insomuch that whatever

is reflected becomes a part of the understanding.

To fully state the principles involved, and to delineate

the varied scenes and figm'es employed even in

that primaiy school, is beyond my comprehension or

capacity of naiTation ; and it would require volumes

to contain their statements were they wi-itten. I

must therefore condense the relation to a summary

view, and you must be contented with the brief

account I give.

As the new scene opened, the light and glory that

iUumined the dome gradually withdrew, until a

twilight like that which foUows the setting sun in

an autumnal evening, alone relieved and marked

the outlines of the great city.

All was silence, and eveiy being motionless, and

nought relieved the stdlness of the moment save the

sweet whispering of a soft and gentle breeze, which,

like some celestial zephyr, glided over and through

the vast plain.


After this great change in the appearance of all

around, and a brief pause, there appeared in view a

portion of earth resembling a moon-light landscape,

in which was represented, as if in some back ground,

and beneath overhanging clouds burdened with

gloom, a subterraneous aperture where lay a human

being wounded in many parts, and apparently expiring.

Upon this object, who was struggling as if

seeking relief from his suffering, every spirit fixed

its ardent attention.

His efforts were fitful and convulsive, but in no

wise adapted to his necessities, and his inability to

extricate himself was clearly manifest from his

demeanor. He strove to heal his wounds by administering

what he thought to be antidotes ; but which,

when tested, proved inadequate, and, by contrary

effects, enhanced his sufiering, and if possible, added

to his peril. He used various instruments by which

he hoped to discern the pathway leading firom his

gloomy abode, and to build a passage across the

abyss which encii'cled him. But all failed, and he

fell back in utter despair. Then he sought to be

reconciled to his fate.

While he lay languishing and helpless, I saw a

group, composed of an elderly female, youths,

and children, gather around him. They appeared

to grieve on his account, and endeavored to afibrd

him some relief. They tried to bind up his wounds,

to raise his drooping head, and to revive vitality

throughout ; but all to no purpose. He still groaned

and languished. I now saw that he lay more directly


upon the brink of the abyss, and that he drew nearei

each moment, as if moved by an invisible and iiTesistible

power. Oh ! the intensity of that moment.

The elderly female di*ew near, and clasping her arms

around his neck, sought to remove him from his

fearful condition. The youths united in the effort,

but all in vain. Still lie drew nearer the abyss. I

also saw that his body manifested the increasing

effects of the malady, until every part was one

diseased mass. Finally yielding to the destroyer,

he lay senseless ; then to my surprise arose therefrom

a being like unto the former, and yet I knew it

was not the physical man, but his spirit. The spii'it,

as it stood above the prostrate form, seemed connected,

and was still more deformed and dire.

Spiritual and moral disease was inwi'ought throughout,

and controlled each part with unyielding power.

I perceived also that the body and spirit were not

separated, that they still depended upon each other


and that wherein the body had failed to give

manifestation of grief, the spirit, as a separate

entity, was capable of making full display, and

irresistibly gave full expression of the suffering

of the being. As the body had yielded to the power

of disease and pain, so the spirit also finally languished

under the malady which was working within

and throughout. While thus suffering, the spirit

looked up, as if to petition aid from above, but a

cloud of thick darkness overshadowed it. Then it

looked wildly around, evidently seeking some place

of refuge or source of relief. This resulting aa before,


the spirit sank away, as if yielding in absolute

despair, to the power of ceaseless wretchedness. As

hope declined, the eye of the spirit vacantly fell, and

in the downward look, discovered an abyss yawning

beneath. Then it was again convulsed, and sought to

escape, but in vain. The scene was horrible. The

agonizing, fruitless efforts, and the manifestation of

final despair, combined to present a scene of wretchedness

beyond human description. Suddenly the

spirit disappeared, and the man gave signs of returning

life and sense ; but he only recovered to know

again, in the outer man, excessive miseiy, and to

more fully feel his forlorn state.

The group, encouraged by the manifestation of

returning life, renewed their efforts to restore him.

This, too, was futile. They had no power to assuage

his gTief, or restore the lost health of body or spirit.

While they thus struggled, a light descended, and


lo ! I saw that they were also in like condition of

body and spirit, save that the effect had not manifested

itself in them so perfectly. IN'evertheless, the

result was equally as certain. Tliis they began to

perceive, whereupon they exclaimed, "Is there no

help?" " No help in the arm of flesh," answered a

voice familiar to me, but I knew not whence it

came. " Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the

leopard his spots ?" continued that voice. " How

shall the unstrung instrument tune itself?—Yea,

how shall the dying, those who are abeady victims,

restore departing vitality ? Shall they escape the

doom awaiting them by the strength of their pros128


trate energies ? Nay, where'er they go, there is no

relief. Help must descend from above, or hope

shall not appear."

As the scene closed an angel addressed the

multitude saying, "The gloomy region just revealed

is a view of earth, the birth place of mortals. The

forlorn being, that of man, who there suffers unnumbered

ills, physical, moral and spiritual, and

who often struggles to overcome and to arise above


"His ineffectual efforts reveal his inability to

save himself.

"The spirit wliich arose as the body yielded,

represents the immortal nature which though the

body perish shall exist in a more acutely sensitive

state, and its sinking in despair, poiti-ays the

great truth that the death of the body can in no

wise relieve the soul from moral or spiiitual degradation.

"The group of friends represent human sympathy,

which inclines members of the race to seek relief

from soiTOW, by mutual aid; that principle wliich

prompts the more benevolent and philanthropic to

devise means, and to prosecute plans for the alleviation

of the sufferings of man.

" Those, who indulge this principle feel another's

woe. They deeply sympathize with those who endure

pain and anguish from whatever cause. But

being in like condition, and by seeking to remove

evil from the world, and to elevate man through

human devices and in their own strength, fail in


the result although apparent relief may inspire

transient hope. From this cause the race have

struggled without success in unnumbered reformatory

measm-es. For this reason, earth's reformers

have encountered repeated failures until

disheartened they sink into despair ; and are often

finally led to discover fundamental want in themselves.

" Thus hath it been with man from age to age.

Periods have succeeded periods, and each have

had their philanthropists who have struggled

through a weary existence, but without attaining

the goal of their purpose.

" Oft the race, to human appearance, have approached

the dawn of a better day ; and those who

have labored to that end, have sung earth's jubilee.

But ere they have emerged from the gloomy plains,

they have felt the triumph of inbred disease. The

ground upon which they stood, hath yielded to the

pressure ; and the muscle upon which they relied

relaxed, quitting its hold. The rock became sliding

sands, and the strength oftheir hope and effort, weakness.

Thus, when they supposed victory won, the

heights attained, sudden quaking has seized the

world of mind, which in its convulsive throes, hath

precipitated them into a still deeper abyss. Tims shall

it ever be, until men cleave unto the Lord, who

alone is a sure defence and a stronghold in the day

of trouble— upon whose shoulders rests the government

; and in whom, and by whom, all things subsist.

The voice which from above declared that


help was not in the arm of flesh, was that of Truth,

which ever seeks to reveal to man his true condition,

and to awaken him to a sense of his degradation,

and to enforce the doctrine of salvation

through the Lord Jesus."

Then raising his eyes toward the superior heavens,

the angel, in a meek, fervent and exalted manner,



" Father of All, let thy Spirit inspire these infant

minds with understanding, that they may behold

with profit the scenes which are to reveal the effects

of sin in the world of discordance, whence they are


also the wonders of thy love in the means of salvation.

" Endow them with supporting grace whUe beholding

the trials of their Redeemer, incident to his

mission, and his passion while suffering the cruelty

of those he seeks to save.

" Grant, O Lord our Redeemer, that these may be

prepared to arise through degrees of life and understanding,

to the heaven of youths, where thy glory

is revealed in greater degrees of paradisical light,

love, and extatic beatitudes.

" Let thy will be done by angels who delight to

lead upward the little ones whom thou hast entrusted

to their charge, so that thy glory may be reflected

upon them in a manner weU-pleasing in thy sight.

Then shall their spiritual understanding be enlarged,

and the love principles of their beings unfolded, and

thy name, O thou Saviour of Men—thou w^io art all

and in all to us, the ministering servants of thy


grace—be glorified in them evermore." " Evermore,

amen," responded the guardian angels and instructors.

" Evermore, evermore, amen," and the heavenly

atmosphere reaccented it until the echo expired in

tlie distance.



After a brief pause, a voice as from a distance

said, "Be instructed by what is given. Truths

connected with your race are revealed to your

understanding. Eeceive the principles, seek to


Then the choralists touching their golden lyres,

chanted with loud voices, "Glory to God in the

highest, and on earth peace and good will to men.

Behold we biing good tidings of great joy which

shall be unto all people, for upon earth is born in

the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the


Then was revealed, beneath a pale light, Bethlehem,

the birth place of the Eedeemer. The condition

of the infants in Paradise, moving in the

very glory of Divine Life, attended by angels expressly

appointed , blessed by the Eedeemer, sanctified

with his love, and greeted with choral bands

of the heavenly spheres, reflected a state greatly

in contrast with that now being revealed, in which

was represented the dreary world, and the circumstances

attending that memorable event, the birth

of Jesus of Nazareth.



The humble condition of Maiy the mother of

JesusJ while holding in her arms the infant, thi'ough

whom Salvation alone could appear unto men,

and in whom was revealed the untold goodness

and love of God, reflected so clearly the truth,

that not only the infants but all the angels, beholding

the scene, manifested great emotion. After

a short pause, the angel who before enforced the

tmths revealved, said, "Behold the birth-place

of the Kedeemer, even Jesus whose gloiy illumines

this temple. For you the Spirit of Eedemption

assumed this humble form of manifestation.

Through his humiliation, who is the Savior, these

favors are conferred, and heavenly mansions prepared

for all who trast in his grace and are obedient

to the law of Eedemption. Adore him for He is


" We will adore him ever more," said the chief

guardian ; and the infants repeated "We will adore

him." And again all was silent. The scene then

more plainly revealed Maiy, meekly resting upon

the breast of Joseph, who pressed her to his heart,

while she gently folded to her pure bosom the Babe

of Bethlehem. Near them were a few Israelites in

humble attitude, steadily looking upon the babe and

its mother. Around them were an innumerable

company of angels, but invisible to mortal vision.

These held in their hands their crowns, while theii'

harps, which were untouched and silent, lay before

them. Above them rested a cloud of glory, and out

of that doud proceeded a voice saying, " This is


my beloved Son." And another voice said, " Thir^

day is made manifest the love of God to man, wh<

is fallen, yea, who is dead in trespasses and in sin

Now salvation appeareth. Now truth moveth from

the eternity of its existence, clothed in the garments

of salvation. Justice and Mercy meet upon the

fallen orb, and over prostrate humanity embrace.

Justice declareth against sin; thus the eternal

Throne is vindicated, and the government of the

Kingdom perpetuated; while Mercy pleadeth the

cause of the sinner who is exposed to unremitting

sorrow by reason of transgression."

" Let us bow down and adore the God of om* Salvation,"

said the chief guardian, and aU assumed an

humble attitude ; during which another voice from

above spoke, saying, "It becometh thee to worship,

yea, to bow down while infinite condescension is

being revealed. Thus let all heaven adore." The

humble attitude of the angels and the infant spirits

added greatly to the solemnity of the occasion.

Surely there was reverence—sincere acknowledgement

of mercies bestowed. I was reflecting upon

the true devotion manifested by the worshipers, when

the chief guardian said, "We will arise. Behold a

new scene draweth nigh ;" and raising her eyes toward

the higher heaven, she continued, " Be thou

our help, O our Father, in whose life we exist ; that

we may understand what Heaven revealeth for our

instruction ; that we may know thy love and be

prepared to do thy will ever more." " Amen," responded

eveiy infant, led by their separate guardians.



The former objects had passed away during the

worship of the angels and the infants, and new

ones appeared.

A bright cloud rested but a little above the

temple, and from that cloud descended a being who

appeared omnipotent in strength. Justice, was

written upon his majestic brow. His movement was

like one supreme, at whose bidding worlds might

flee awaj, and in whose hand universal law might

pause, and her evolving energies slumber.

This august personage advanced toward a gloomy

glen, encircled by huge mountains whose lofty

peaks ascended far into the blue vault above. His

demeanor indicated purpose.

As he drew very near what appeared the object

of his pursuit, a dark cloud moved down the mountains

attended by lightning in all the terror of wild

display, as if the electric fountains were issuing fi*om

an ocean of igneous elements. Heavy thunderings

shook the base of the massive hills. Fire, smoke,

and tempest were emitted, while the elements seemed

to madly embrace each other. The scene was fright-



fully tenific ; but still Justice advanced, and the

very lightnings seemed to wi'eath themselves into

a diadem about his brow.

•' Destruction " was now mirrored in super-flaming

letters, in the very lightnings, upon the clouds,

and repeated by the stunning peals of thunder.

Beneath this awful display of angry elements,

and the movement of Justice, the earth began to

quake and give way.

At this moment, when the excitement had apparently

reached its climax, from beneath the cloud,

and at the foot of the mountain, came a voice

of lamentation, a voice of despair, saying, ^' Spare

us ; is there no hope." " No hope," echoed the

thunders, and Justice still advanced. '' ISTo hope,"

tie repeated, as he raised his hand of might. " No

hope, no hope," chimed the hoarse voice of contending

elements. " We perish without hope," said the

voice of wailing which grew still weaker and more

suppressed. " Alas ! alas ! we perish unpitied," and

in an instant was revealed the forlorn being and the

afflicted group displayed in a former scene.

Over the prostrate man bent the trembling female

as if to screen him from the tempest ; but as she saw

Justice raise his mighty hand, she fell back, exclaiming,

" All is lost ! No hope ! "We perish ! Eeceive

us, thou abyss 1"

Dreadful was the suspense of that moment. Justice

still advanced, as if to cut in pieces, to crush at

once the forlorn man whose trembling hands were

upraised in form of supplication,—by whose side,

Justice and Mcrcj.—Page 135.


and around whom, were fallen his group of friends,

alike helpless and suppliant.

At tliis period a voice from the burning cloud


" Law's proceeding energies have been violated, and

thence disturbed in thee, O man. And thinkest

thou to trifle therewith, and not to suffer the consequences?

Dost thou not understand that law,

when opposed, worketh the destruction of the bodyin

which it is violated ? Moral law is the law of

sense and goodness. Hast thou not violated ? Yea,

thou hast. Now ensue the dread effects, and thou art

the sufferer."

As this voice ceased, superior light flashed over

the scene, and from above a cloud exceedingly bright

descended, from which came, with the speed of

thought, another being, the very image of meekness,

whose demeanor was the very opposite of Justice


and embracing Justice, who was still advancing

toward the fallen group, said :

" Art thou inexorable, O thou who vindicatest

the everlasting thi'one? Must the sinner perish?

Is there no hope ?" " No hope in the arm of flesh,"

answered Justice in a voice that shook the firmament

above. The very stars trembled, and the earth quaked

and reeled as the words proceeded fr*om his lips.

" No hope or cause of hope exists upon the fallen

orb," again repeated Justice, still advancing. And

as the blow was about descending upon the sinner,

the being who hung upon the neck of Justice bent

over that bleeding fonn, and placing her left hand


upon liis heart, raised the right, and touching the

arm of Justice, said, " Thy Throne, O God, endureth

for ever. Thy kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting.

Thy Word endures. To thy years there

is no end. Thou, O God, art holy. Kighteousness

is the foundation of thy throne—the pavilion of thy

dwelling-place—the glory of the everlasting hills


the defence and safety of the Heaven of heavens,

where congregate the unnumbered myriads of glorified

seraphim. Here, O God, is a fallen being. Sin

is the violation of thy law. The sinner hath presumed

upon thy government, and touched with

impious hands the flaming sword ; hath dared vengeance

; trifled with thy will ; and contended with

eternal and irrevocable justice. He hath fallen. He

lieth bruised, mangled and expiring. Yet, O God,

thou hast created him an immortal being ; intellectual,

hence accountable ; spiritual, hence by sin he

lieth upon the verge of a bottomless abyss, where, if

he fall, he shall feel immortal pangs, and dwell in

anremitting woe. The reed is bruised, but not

entirely broken ; the flickering blaze of the smoking

flax, though expiring, still exists. Mercy is my

name. Mercy is an attribute of thy throne. To

thee, O God, belong Justice and Mercy I Let thy

love, O thou Eternal, descend I and thou, Justice,

spare, O spare this fallen being I Spare him though

he hath sinned, and bartered for a morsel his eternal

good !"

Here Mercy bowed her head, as if to wait the

decision and a voice from the cloud said, "Mercy,


thou hast plead for the sinner, and heaven giveth

audience. Canst thou find a ransom? Justice

pause in thy execution."

Then another voice said, ''God so loved the world

that he gave his only begotten Son. He shall

bear their iniquity. By my righteous servant I

will justify many."

Then there was a pause, during which, from the

right approached a female—even Mary whom I

had seen with the beasts of the stall pressing to

her bosom the babe of Bethlehem—and by the expiiing

form bowed, over which by the aid of Mercy

she extended the babe, and with reverence looked

up toward the cloud. And the voice continued,

"This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well

pleased. A bruised reed shall he not break, and

smoking flax shall he not quench, until he send

forth judgement unto victory. And in his ITame

shall the Gentiles trust."

Then replied Justice, " Hath he endured temptation,

and suffered without the Gate? Hath he

conquered death ! Can he stay the tempest of

wan-ing elements? Can he change the malign nature

of that perverted heart? Can he descend the

maelstrom of death, and arrest the heavy tide whose

broad current thence rolls to the bottomless abyss ?"

Then said Mercy, " The future shall answer thee,

O, thou who boldest the balances of equity, the

the scales of universal right."

When Mercy had answered, the scene changed,

and upon the mount, called the Mount of Olives,


I saw a being more lovely tlian the sons of men

He lifted up his eyes to heaven and said, " Lo ! 1

come, in the volume of the book it is written of me,

to do thy wHl, O God !"

Then appeared a vast multitude of deformed beings

exhibiting every type of human suffering and

shameful depravity ; and addi'essing them He said


"If any man thirst, let him come unto me and

di'ink. I am the "Way, the Truth and the Life. No

man cometh unto the Father but by me." Whereupon

another voice said, "This is the Son of

David, the hope of Israel, the bright and Morning

Star. Now ariseth the Sun of Eighteousness.

Now appeareth Ti-uth in its redeeming glory from

the Eternal Cause. Look unto him, ye who perish,

for lo ! He cometh to redeem."

Again I saw the mangled form. These words

had fallen upon his duU and heavy hearing, and

although he scarcely understood them, he raised his

eyes as if to see whence hope was proffered. And

as he looked. He who stood upon the Mount descended

and bowed over him saying, "What dost

thou desire?" And the sufferer said, "Oh that I

might find salvation!" Tlien answered the Personage

bending over him, " I came to seek and save

the lost." Then said Justice to Mercy, "Where is

thy ransom?" And another voice said, "Behold

the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the

world." And he who proffered redemption said,

"For this cause came I into the world." "Even


angel, "by thy stiipes is the sinner


"But," replied Justice, "Hath he prevailed?"

Then addressing Mercy he continued, "Know, thou

who pleadest the sinner's cause, that until he whoro

thou proposeth as Redeemer shall approach the

fallen, holding in his hand these contending elements,

he shall not rescue. Seekest thou still the

fallen being's salvation, his restoration to harmony V

" Yea," answered Mercy " for this I interpose."



Another scene appeared ; and O how inefficient

are all means of communication to reveal to human

minds its true character! First I saw that samo

lovely Being seated, with a company of his friends,

around a table, one of whom leaned upon his breast,

and in pure love's tenderest expression looked up

into his face while listening to the words that fell

from his lips. Mom-nfully and filled with exceeding

sorrow, the group looked upon him as he said,

"Yerily I say unto you, one of you shall betray

me." After which he took bread and blessed it,

and break it, and giving it to them said, " Take,

eat ; this is my body. For you my body shall be

broken." He then took the cup and gave thanks,

and gave it to them, saying, " Drink ye all of it


for this is my blood of the New Testament, which is

shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say

unto you, I will not drink henceforth of the fruit of

the vine, until that day when I drink it new with

you in my Father's Kingdom."

Then I heard a mighty angel whose voice was

like the utterance of Nature when her forces contend



saying, " The Son of Man goeth as is written of

him ; but woe unto that man by whom the Son of

Man is betrayed : it had been good for that man if

he had not been bom !

" Woe to that man ; for him it had been good not

to have been born. Woe, woe, woe be unto that

man !" broke forth in a heavy voice which from

many millions in imivocal speech, pronounced the

woe, and the elements of the interior shook like the

leaves of a forest when contending with autumnal


As the echoings of these awfol utterances which

rolled along the bosom of the deep interior ceased,

the little band arose, and after they had sung a hymn

of solemn movement, retired.

Then I saw one of the number, silently and unperceived,

withdraw from the band, as they retired

slowly and solemnly from the scene of the last

supper, and as he advanced, his movement changed,

his step was quick and excited, his visage manifested

an inward commotion that burned with consuming

fires, fires kindled in the soul by antagonistic

elements. At this I wondered. Nor could 1

perceive by what means a transition so sudden and

so great could be efiected. Just before, I had seen

him seated with his friends, and those friends were

suffering greatly by reason of the predictions of him

to whom they looked for counsel and for safety.

They mourned, fearing his departure from them.

They leaned upon him as a dependent child leans

upon a faithful parent. They had hoped, yea, they


had exalted their hope in him. The extent or exact

nature of that hope I could not comprehend. Still I

saw that in him they had placed great dependence

for future good or great achievements. And when

his words, which indicated his departure, had been

spoken, they had fallen into despaii-, and perfect

wretchedness possessed them when he declared that

one of them should betray him. I heard them in

the deepest solicitude inquire, "Lord, is it I? Lord,

is it I?" That had been an awful moment, a

moment that tried the soul, a moment in which

gloom gathered around them as a mantle of thick


In their spirits they grieved, when he said, " A

little while and ye shall not see me ; and again a

little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the

Father. But because I have said these things unto

you sorrow hath filled your heart. ISTevertheless, I

tell you the truth. It is expedient for you that I go

away . For, if I go not away, the Comforter will

not come unto you ; but if I depart I will send him

unto you. I will not leave you comfortless. I will

come unto you. Let not yom* heart be troubled : ye

believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's

house are many mansions : if it were not so I would

have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. I

will come again and receive you unto myself; that

where I am there ye may be also. Yet a little while

and the world seeth me no more : but ye see me


because I live ye shaU live also. Yerily, verily, I

say unto you, that ye shall weep and lament, but


the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful,

but your soitow shall be turned into joy. And

indeed ye now have sorrow : but I will see you

again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no

man taketh from you. These things have I spoken

to you in proverbs: but the time cometh when I

shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I

shall show you plainly of the Father."

TTiese words of promise and of consolation, which

he spake while predicting his departure, they believed

; still they were sad and exceeding soiTOwful,

because he said, " I go away."

They loved him : he was worthy of all holy affection.

His words were full of goodness ; and there was

BO much of heavenly love, tenderness, and paternal

care manifested by him, that my wonder was excited

while seeking for a reason sufficient to induce any

one of that little company to withdi-aw from it that

he might betray into the hands of enemies, a Being

whose presence thus inspired hope, love, reverence,

and adoration.

While my spirit pondered, I heard the angels who

instructed the infants say, " In what thou seest behold

the nature of good and evil contrasted. That little

band was the company of the Lord's disciples who

partook of the passover with him, the evening before

his betrayal. He who addressed them was the Redeemer,

who, knowinsr that his ' hour' was at hand,

and also who should betray him, prepared their mmds

for the trial, and predicted the events which were



to follow. He who so strangely withdrew, was

Judas Iscariot, who betrayed his master for thiity

pieces of silver.

'' Observe more minutely this scene as it passes,

and the two great principles which are operative with

man in a fallen state, shall so unfold themselves as

to impress thee with its purpose, and ingraft thy

being with the solemn truths unfolded."

Tlie angel again withdi-ew, and he who was called

Judas appeared, and was seen just entering a council-

chamber, where were gathered the chief priests

and elders of ancient Israel, who at the time of the

Lord's passion, conspired to take him and put him

to death, and thus bring upon him perpetual scorn

and blasting ignominy. And, oh ! how changed,

how entirely changed ! ffis spirit was the opposite

of that which had appeared in the room set apart for

the Last Supper. His outward expression bespoke

inward rage,—the rage of a malicious heart, a heart

grievously treacherous and desperately wicked. At

this time a pale light flashed over his head, which

revealed a group of demoniac spirits. These urged

him onward by their vindictive inspiration. They

manifested all that can be conceived as the embodiment

of evil which composes the elementary being

of the arch-fiend ; the foe of all good ; the destroyer

of peace ; the instigator of crime ; the enemy of

right ; the soul-alluring Satai; These poured forth

their fiendish, yea, their hellish Lagnetism, and by

the power of their will surcharged him with the

hate they desired to manifest toward the Son of Man.


As he entered the mimic sanctum, the priests

arose, and with smiles, such smiles as malice, with

a hope of revenge inspires, greeted him. Then the

chief priests, addressing him, said, "Welcome,

Judas, friend of right, friend of God's ancient

Church, the law of Moses and the people of this

ecclesiastic kingdom. He whom the rabble call

Jesus, and who by his followers is called the King

of the Jews, by his dictum, has long been worthy of

death. He has sought the destruction of this beloved

city, the city especially favored of God. And the

gi'eat temple he has prophesied to destroy ; to put

down the authority of the Chm'ch ; to change laws

and customs ; upon the ruin of Jehovah's kingdom

to establish his own. He calleth himself God. He

is a blasphemer against high Heaven, and mocks

the throne of the Eternal. He presumes to call U8

hypocrites ; even those whom God, by his right

hand, hath exalted as teachers in Israel, he calleth

blind leaders of the blind. He hath charged us with

having the keys of the kingdom, and by our love for

sin refusing to enter into life ; and by a vile nature

and love of power, of keeping those from entering

who are willing. Surely he is worthy of death."

" Yea, worthy of the most ignominious death,"

responded in unison all who were present.

" This man is drawing with him the credulous,

the ignorant, the visionary, and those who are dissatisfied

with the Church," continued the priest


" and by his peculiar nature adapted to work wonders,

he hath deceived many who are worthy of a


better calling." Then addressing liis friends, he

continued : " But these will soon become conscious

of Ms false character and well shall it be for him who

first discovers to us the tme character and resort of

this vile deceiver, and shall enable us to bring him

before the people. Upon such a one the nation

shall bestow great honors, and lasting blessings

shall be upon his head." " And lasting blessings

shall be upon his head," repeated the associate


This was sufficient to inspire Judas with the desire

of being first in the undertaking. Whereupon he

proposed, in presence of them all, to deliver his

Master into the hands of any band the priest

should then commission for that purpose, upon the

condition—which appeared to have been previously

considered—of his receiving thirty pieces of silver.

Again the scene changed. The mantle of evening

overshadowed that portion of Earth. A little

way from the busy multitude I saw him who had

counselled his disciples, moving slowly along with

three of his chosen. He was sorrowful. I can never

forget that scene. Oh ! the loveliness that was

manifest. Traly I thought liim the ohiefest among

ten thousand^ and the one altogether lovely. StUl

he sufiered. They paused, and he said, " My soul is

exceeding sorrowful even unto death : tarry ye here

and watch with me. Pray that ye enter not into

temptation." He then left them and went a little

farther, and fell upon the ground. And while bowing

upon the cold earth, enduring the deepest


agony, he prayed more earnestly ; and his sweat

was as it were great drops of blood falling down to

the ground.

Above him the heavens opened, and legions of

angels appeared, apparently clothed in habiliments

of mom-ning. They veiled their faces as they bent

over the garden of Gethsemane, in which their Lord

suffered. All was silent, mournfully silent. Each

angel beheld the scene with wonder. There was

Christ the Lord, the Divine Man, he whose name

is wi'itten in the Scriptm-es as the Wonderful, Counsellor,

the Mghty God, the Everlasting Father, the

Prince of Peace.

While observing the Savior in his agony, a cloud

descended, resting over the Redeemer, in which were

Justice and Mercy. They observed with intense

interest the scene below.

At length the Savior prayed, saying : " O my

Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass

from me. Nevertheless not as I will, but as thou

wilt." Then said Mercy to Justice, " Here is the


" Again he prayed, " O my Father, if this cup

may not pass away from me, except I drink it,

thy will be done." Then there descended a mighty

angel, who stood by him, and strengthened him.

Then Mercy said to Justice, " Behold the offering."

The hour of suffering having passed, Jesus arose,

and going to his disciples and finding them asleep,

said unto them, " Sleep on now, and take your rest;


behold the hour is at hand, and the Son of Man is

betrayed into the hands of sinners."

"Behold, in Jesus," said my guide, addressing

herself to me, "an example of meek submission.

From his sympathy with the deranged and d}dng

race, he agonized beneath the burden of human woe.

Though just, he suflers, by reason of an adopted

affinity with the unjust ; and still thou didst hear

him say, ' !N'ot as I will, but as thou wilt ; not my

will, but thine, O God, be done.'

" This is needful that man may have grace vouchsafed,

and by the power of love become united to

heavenly spheres, and thus be exalted from degradation

to mansions of righteousness and peace, prepared

in heaven for the ransomed of the Lord. But,

Marietta, thou shalt soon behold the conti-ast ; in

what is to pass before thee shall be unfolded the

true condition of the perverted heart."

Again my attention was directed to a dark and

doleful scene. Below me I beheld a heavy cloud,

which was agitated as if burdened with the spirit of

wrangling elements. Discordant sounds arose from

the midst thereof They were hard to be understood,

and at first the cause was hidden from me. But at

length I heard, as from the voice of an excited

rabble, the enthusiastic inquiry, "Where shall we

find him ? Hasten, most worthy guide, to the place

of his retreat. Time wasteth, and the leaders of the

people demand the ' outlaw.' He shall perish."

" Yea, he shall perish, and that speedily," clamored

a multitude who were, while moving toward Jesus


and his disciples, enveloped in a cloud that overhung

their pathway. The contrast between the scenes

was so great, that I was tenified, and turning to

my guide I inquired, " Who are these that disturb

the stillness of this solemn hour ? And canst thou

inform me whence they are, and whither bound?

Of whom do they speak in language so excited, and

with a determination so destructive ?"

"These," she said, "are a band of solcUers from

the chief priests and elders of the Jews. The object

of their revengeful pursuit is Jesus, who, in the

agony of his soul, prayed in the garden."

"What hath he done to excite such envy," I


" He hath preached the year of the Lord, and

announced the mission of God's only Son to the

world. He hath given sight to the blind, restored

the deaf to hearing, healed the sick, raised the dead,

comforted the mourner, instructed the ignorant, and

plead with the despisers of the mercy of God to regard

the Creator of heaven and earth as their Sovereign,

Eightful Lawgiver, Heavenly Father, and


And is this that for which they seek to destroy

him? I inquired. Hath he never contended with


" Hast thou not read in the Sacred Text that

which the prophet spake, when moved by the Holy

Ghost, concerning One that should come, ' Behold my

servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in whom

I am well pleased, 1 will put my spirit upon him


and he shall show judgment unto the Gentiles. He

shall not strive nor cry ; neither shall any man hear

his voice in the streets.' This Jesus, who in his

humility, bowed in prayer, and whom the populace

seek to destroy as a vile outlaw — God manifest in

the flesh—is He of whom the prophet spake.

"While the angel yet spake, the exasperated throng,

armed with swords and staves, approached Jesus

and his disciples ; and lo ! they were led by one of

the company who sat mth him at the last supper,

even Judas Iscariot, the same who had left his Lord

and proposed to deliver up Jesus to the chief priests

and elders of the people. As they drew near, I saw

above Judas a mighty angel of darkness, from whom

issued a pale sulphuric flame that encompassed him

and burned in his nerves like living fire. With

wild determination Judas advanced and hailed Jesus

as his friend and Lord, sealing his mockery and

heartless treachery with a kiss. But Jesus appeared

fiilly to comprehend his design, and addi'essing him

said, " Friend, wherefore art thou come ?" And to

the multitude he said, " Are ye come out as against

a thief, with swords and staves, to take me. I sat

daily with you, teaching in the temple, and ye laid

BO hold upon me. But if ye seek me, let these who

believe in me go their way. For this cause I came

into the world." Then answered one of the multitude,

" Tell us for what cause." " That salvation

might be given to the world, and that all, even those

who assail me, might, through faith and repentance,

enter into rest. Into yom- hands I submit myself


but these my disciples, no harm shall befall them."

Then said the mockers "Thou art om^ prisoner, and

we bear thee before the tribunals of the people,

and no one helpeth thee ; how sayest thou then of

these thy disciples, ' No harm shall befall them ? '


At this the disciples fled, every one his own way,

and forsook him, save one who followed his Lord

even unto the judgment hall.


crup:lties inflicted upon jesus.

Then with cruel haads they led him away amid

the shouts of the rabble.

As this scene was closing, I turned and looked

upon the infants and angelic spectators, who appeared

more afflicted than at any former period.

I then inquired, " Can there be sorrow in heaven ?

Do angels weep ?" When I heard a voice say,

" Well, Marietta, dost thou inquire. Angels have

hearts to feel. And who in heaven could witness

the manifestation of the betrayal of the Savior of

sinners without a soul poured out in sad expressions?"

"Amen!" uttered ten thousand voices.

" And who can endm-e the sight ? Behold the innocent

sufferer. See ! see ! they beat him as they hurry

him along the rugged way. They mock, they deride

him ; they cruelly treat him. Let all the heavens

pause as they behold the mournful scene ; for lo I

the Redeemer suffers in the hands of sinners.

Awake, ye spirit sympathies ; lo ! Divine Good

whom angels adore is despised and rejected of men."

As the voice ceased, I heard another angel say,-^



" Lo ! from the highest heavens angels descend."


And I beheld far above the vast assemblage that

witnessed the scene, an imimerable company of superior

beings. They had palms in their hands and

crowns upon their heads ; and their crowns represented

the starry heavens, being a miniature expression

of the wreathed universes which encircle the throne

of the Infinite. As they drew near, a dazzling liglit